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Cultivating Community, Harvesting Solutions

Educational Gardening

Resources from the Brace 4 Impact Podcast will be uploaded here! First episode airs 6/29. You can stream the podcast or watch past episodes on You Tube (link below). Wednesdays @ 10pm EST

Brace4Impact: Causes


Topic Covered:

Blight - How to Treat

Supporting our Farmers

Where to Source Meat

If you are facing blight in your garden, yeast is a powerhouse to nourish & treat your plants! See the link below for more info. 
We will be creating an Amazon storefront for materials we mention in the show! Stay tuned.

Baddie's Email Template to School District

This is the copy of the email Baddie sent to her district regarding the lack of effective protocol related to student transportation.

Baddie's Email to School District cont'd

Use the link to download the first attachment she included on the email.

Baddie's Email to School cont'd

Use the link to download the second attachment she included in the email

Brace4Impact: List
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