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Axel Cox

DJ Screw €? June 27th (Chapter 012)

In Houston, June 27 is officially reserved to honor Robert Earl Davis, also known as DJ Screw. Screw, the inventor of the distinctly Houston chopped and screwed sound, died in November 2000. June 27th is neither Screw's date of birth or the anniversary of his passing, but rather the anniversary of the recording of "Chapter 012: June 27th" which is a 35-minute freestyle rhyme by Big Pokey,Key C, Kay Luv, Yungstar, Big Moe and Haircut Joe and DeMo. June 27 also marks DeMo's birthday and the freestyle is often referred to as "DeMo's Birthday Tape."

DJ Screw – June 27th (Chapter 012)

"Chapter 012: June 27th" is 35 minutes and 40 seconds in length, and features Yungstar, Big Moe, Big Pokey, Key-C, De-Mo, Kay-Luv and Haircut Joe. The seven rappers rapped over a chopped and screwed version of Kriss Kross' "Da Streets Ain't Right." The freestyle remains one of Houston's most popular in history.


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