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Land And ((TOP)) Freedom - DVDRIP VOSTFR

Treasure Island was a product of collaboration of two very well known people in the USSR: David Cherkassky, a director, who, at the time of inception, produced a number of very popular cartoons, and Radna Sakhaltuev, a cartoonist, who had a long and fruitful history of collaboration with Cherkassky, as well as a history of being a cartoonist for a number of satirical magazines in Kyiv, where he became well known for his distinctive style. Their previous collaborations yielded fruitful results, including the cartoons about the Adventures of Captain Wrongel (from a Russian "tall tales of the sea" kind of book) and Doctor Aybolit (a more children-centric cartoon). This built the duo a reputation that allowed some extra freedom during their future work, and this was fully exploited for the Treasure Island adaptation, which was very liberal as far as Soviet cartoons went.

Land And Freedom - DVDRIP VOSTFR



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