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Ejtag Tiny Tools Software

How do I interface with my programmer?Which software you useto interface with your programmerdepends on the type of programmer youare using.Simple "dumb"dongles require third party software,such as PonyProg or AVRDude. These maybe command line or GUI tools - lookaround on the web and you will fineone to fit your needs.Programmers and bootloaders based onthe AVR910 protocol can be used withinAVRStudio. From the Tools menu, selectthe "AVRProg" option to open up a GUIscreen to interface with yourprogrammer. As an alternative, thirdparty tools such as AVRDude are alsoAVR910 compatible.Officialtools are tightly integrated intoAVRStudio, especially in the case ofthe debugging variants(JTAG/Dragon/etc). From the AVRStudioTools menu, select the "ProgramAVR..." submenu and click the"Connect" item. From the new window,select your tool and its connectioninterface and click ok.Asis the case with the dumb dongles andAVR910 programmers, the official toolsmay also be used with third partyprogramming software.

Ejtag Tiny Tools Software

You should have in your debugging and development arsenal jtag tools when and where affordable. sparkfun has ftdi based usb to serial boards and the ftdi parts can be repurposed into big bangers, you can use these for spi or i2c or pdi or jtag or other interfaces. Ideally getting boards that are made for the bus/part you are interested in and using the free/open source software that goes with it. Also using these serial boards, ideally having a supply of 3.3V and a 5V (about $15 each the one you use for lillypads and arduino minis, etc) for connecting to serial ports for the various micros that have some sort of serial protocol. I find it easier to write my own loader based on those protocols, esp like the arduino/avr folks where the bootloader source is published and is a considerable subset from the supposed standard they support. YMMV.

Texas Instruments provides various hardware experimenter boards that support large (approximately two centimeters square) and small (approximately one millimeter square) MSP430 chips. TI also provides software development tools, both directly, and in conjunction with partners (see the full list of compilers, assemblers, and IDEs). One such toolchain is the IAR C/C++ compiler and Integrated development environment, or IDE. A Kickstart edition can be downloaded for free from TI or IAR; it is limited to 8 KB of C/C++ code in the compiler and debugger (assembly language programs of any size can be developed and debugged with this free toolchain).


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