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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

1 Percent Epi 02

The protests eventually fall apart, as the 99% and 83% are replaced by various smaller percentages, according to a reporter, who then rushes away when he is informed that protestors are now "occupying" a Macaroni Grill.

1 Percent Epi 02

The altruism of the "Big Bang Theory" cast highlights the problem of wage inequality in the television industry. But TV is hardly the only sector with a pay gap. A Glassdoor report found that media had the fifth-largest gap in compensation between men and women. The healthcare industry is the most unequal. One survey reveals that the compensation gap between female and male partners at law firms in the U.S. is a massive 44 percent.

Results: In the validation data set, the CKD-EPI equation performed better than the Modification of Diet in Renal Disease Study equation, especially at higher GFR (P

I didn't know what it took to be a doctor. I thought medical school was beyond people like myself. I found out that less than 1 percent of American physicians are Native American, or identify as Native American. As I go through my education and complete the prerequisites needed to be a physician, I better understand the negative impact the current healthcare system has had on my people. This led me to start finding ways to incorporate the traditional teachings into medicine, and overall better serve Native peoples, which starts by me finishing my education. 041b061a72


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