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Kaleidoscope - Season 1 NEW!

Whether Garcia, Netflix, or any other Kaleidoscope decision-maker feels compelled to try out season 2 remains to be seen. But when a compelling structure is already in place, finding the right story to tell within it seems like less of a challenge to confront.

Kaleidoscope - Season 1

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It hasn't been confirmed yet whether Kaleidoscope will be back for a second season, but based on the series' popularity (it is still in the Netflix top 10 at the time of writing, almost a month after its debut) we would certainly imagine it is on the cards.

When it comes to the cast of a potential second season of Kaleidoscope, the roster would almost certainly need a major shake-up, barring some prequel/time-jumping shenanigans. After all, a lot of the crew and the surrounding characters met a sticky end during season 1, including Paz Vega's Ava and Jai Courtney's Bob.

The show creator also shared his thoughts on the future of the show, saying: "This is an anthology show and, if we are fortunate enough, we do [have plans]. Netflix and we all decided to make another season anthology.

"There are different ways to Kaleidoscope the kaleidoscope, so to speak. So I don't know, all I know is this one is very self-contained and I hope people just dig into it and go for it and have a good time."

If there is one element that the series is worth seeing for, it is the performance of Esposito. Getting to see him recently in the incredible final season of Better Call Saul only reaffirmed how any show is better off with him in it. While Kaleidoscope is not nearly as compelling or well-constructed as that show, he never misses an opportunity to give it something more. Whether it is when Leo is planning out the heist or grappling with his own fears about the job, Esposito brings the character to life with just the right amount of grizzled grace. The moments where he gets to sink his teeth into the character and just let us observe him without all the extra noise shine. In particular, the interactions he has with his daughter Hannah (Tati Gabrielle) are the show at its best. Though we only get glimpses of their relationship, it is clearly a fraught one that makes for a more compelling core and gives the story greater stakes beyond just getting the money. Even though there is a supporting cast of characters who all have their own respective relationships with each other, this is the strongest one of them all that had the greatest potential in where it could have gone. One wishes that it had been more focused on their characters which, despite being central in both a thematic and narrative sense, can increasingly feel like they are getting lost in the drawn-out setup and planning phase.

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The body of the kaleidoscope is gorgeous as well with the rich, wooden inlaid woods and hand painted gold details. The combination of the kaleidoscope and cell holder together make a striking setting on a table.

Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Netflix renews or cancels Kaleidoscope. In the meantime, they could always rewatch the season 1 episodes in different orders for a new viewing experience every time.

The streaming boom has unleashed television's potential in ways that planned network scheduling can never achieve. While general TV shows are usually required to fit a 30-minute or 60-minute format per episode with ads, streaming shows can have episodes that range from 10 minutes to 2 hours in one season.

Dance Kaleidoscope's own history will mingle with classic works for dance across the 2022-23 season. The company's four mainstage works include its signature "Carmina Burana" and the storied "Scheherazade" in what the company calls a "legendary year of dance." 041b061a72


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