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Freedom 515 - Colorado

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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

Download Escape From Tarkov V0.

In order for EFT v0. to work as a single-playerSPT-AKI 3.1.0, SPT-AKI 3.1.1, or SPT 3.2.0, butuploaded here is not any of those versions.It seems that you have taken the liberty of modifying SPT-AKI.It is dangerous to run it because there is no explanation of what kind of modifications have been made.If you are going to download and use this, you should at least download SPT-AKI 3.2.0 from the official site and run it after overwriting.I recommend that you run it after performing the overwrite.I have confirmed that it works fine that way.If you have modified SPT-AKI and uploaded it, please do not neglect to explain what modifications you have made.

Download Escape from Tarkov v0.



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