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Tribal Trouble Full Version Torrent

WETHER Uncertain Ritual CD-RBLISS35 Wether is the blackened noise project from Mike Haley, the beardo that runs the classy Electric Human Project label and who is also half of Big China & Little Trouble...this entity has released an assload of cassettes and splits and even a wee bot if vinyl over the past couple of years, and all of it which I've heard has been excellent, a kind of formless, ganrled industrial blackness, usually very dirgey and crushing, possessed by the occasional blast of snarling black metal screams buried in distortion and awesomely malevolent synthesizer drones that, when they really get going, sound like the tarblack afterbirth of Wolf Eyes jamming on cues from John Carpenter's The Fog OST from '94. We finally hooked up with Mike to bring you this new full length of infernal hypnosis Uncertain Ritual, a collection of hellish mechanical atmospheres, meditative trance-loops constructed from machine clatter and blocks of white noise, torrents of bellowing distortion goo and black ambience that's creepy as fuck. This is super-high quality fx pedal/circuit-bent generated deathscape action, brutally heavy in spots with massive creeping industrial rhythms and whirlpools of ultra-distorted metal-like crunch, and tranquil and beautiful in others when Wether moves into placid drones and subdued underground vibrations. This is terminally evil shit though, and it falls somewhere in between the black ambient/industrial chaos of artists like Nordvargr and Abruptum, and the grinding electronic skum of Wolf Eyes and Anenzephalia. :: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS, REVIEWS, AND MP3 SAMPLES ::

Tribal Trouble Full Version Torrent

LIGHT OF SHIPWRECK From The Idle Cylinders CD-RBLISS20 Light Of Shipwreck is a one-man band operated by Ben Fleury-Steiner, a Deleware-based drone artist and owner of the excellent Gears of Sand Recordings imprint, which has released discs from some of our favorite ambient/drone/drift artists including Encomiast, Cordell Klier, and Aidan Baker. It was actually through Aidan Baker that we found out about Ben's Light Of Shipwreck project; knowing that we're fanatics for "heavy ambient" sound, Light Of Shipwreck was recommended as something we should check out. At first expecting something more along the lines of the kind of floating ambient rumble that marks so much of my favorite Baker solo stuff, I was pleasantly surprised by how percussive the tracks I heard online from LOS were, the dense, ominous feedback drones and heavy rumbling ur-riffs floating freely over a mechanistic tribal-rhythm freakout. We ended up getting in touch with Ben from Light Of Shipwreck and it turned out that he had a nearly hour-long disc that he wanted to have released through our Crucial Bliss imprint, and here we are: a three-track full length of rich, crushing power-ambient, titled From The Idle Cylinders, a reference to the American Objectivist poet George Oppen whose work is a consistent influence on Light Of Shipwreck's imagery, with huge slabs of resonant sheet metal shimmering in an ocean of heavenly feedback and reverberating guitar drone, and surges of droning tribal Krautrock percussion floating along with distorted ambient doom powerchords and washed out vocal cord bliss, each track running upwards of 20 minutes in length. A totally breathtaking piece of music, like Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Can, and Earth swirled together into an austere, hypnotizing heavy-trance masterpiece. This limited edition CD-R of From The Idle Cylinders comes packaged in the signature Crucial Bliss foldover card sleeve with the disc itself attached to the sleeve on a plastic hub and featuring striking photo design, in a print run of 200 copies.:: THIS TITLE IS NOW SOLD OUT. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER. ::

GENGHIS TRON Triple Black Diamond CDRBLISS21 Like last year's Cape Of Hate disc that we released from Genghis Tron through the Crucial Bliss shortrun imprint, Triple Black Diamond is a new compilation of assorted new jams and remixes from GT that was created as a special limited item for their July tour with Ed Gein that just wrapped up a few weeks ago. This disc was issued in a one-time only edition of 444 copies, most of which the band took with them on tour. We've got the rest here at C-Blast though and it's finally available to anyone that wasn't able to catch any of Tron's tour dates, but be warned, we've only got 148 copies on hand and once they are gone, they are gone for good. Triple Black Diamond features blistering live versions of "Ride The Steambolt" off of Cloak Of Love and "Chapels" and "The Folding Road" from Dead Mountain Mouth, a Rick Allen mix by Vytear, "The Folding Road (Carwash Climax Remix)", "Greek Beds (1993 Industrial Dance Version)", the ten-minute plus dronebliss of "Dead Mountain Mouth (Epeirogenesis)" which turns Trons original track into a Growing-style cascade of shimmering ambient riffage, and to top it all off, the disc closes with an untitled demo track of a never before heard song that gives us a taste of what to expect from Tron's upcoming album on Relapse Records next year. The disc comes in a full color sleeve designed by Dylan Reece. Again, this is super limited! :: THIS TITLE IS NOW SOLD OUT. PLEASE DO NOT ORDER. ::

YES COLLAPSE Final Diagnosis CD-RBLISS19 One of the new batch of Crucial Bliss discs that we've got percolating is Final Diagnosis, the final release from the Dayton industrial scum-dirge trio of Dan Rizer, Josh Fink, and Matthew Reis, together known as Yes, Collapse. These guys were pretty much the house band for the noise/core/drone label Epicene Sound System, releasing a host of ridiculously limited-edition cassettes and CD-Rs, oftentimes doing splits with likeminded heavy noise bands. I've been grooving on Yes, Collapse's blasted electronics and factory deathcrush since their Smeared White Sickness disc from a couple years ago, and ended up talking back and forth with Matt from YC for awhile about releasing something with them. Alas, at the end of last year, members of Yes, Collapse moved away and the band more or less ended, but not before recording this brutal full length which they gave to me to release as part of the Crucial Bliss CD-R series. And it is one of the heaviest, most corroded slabs of industro-violence to lurk in the Crucial Bliss catalog to date. Yes, Collapse has that distinctly midwestern brand of improvised noise-rock that you'll recognize immediately, but then they go and drop in caustic crawls through rust-coated computer doom, brutal factory scrape, tribal junk-metal percussion trances, guitars with the distortion pushed all the way into the red and beyond, deranged verbal rantings, and pure free-noise fuckery, all combined into a crushingly heavy noise-dirge epic that will strip the paint from your walls. Final Diagnosis is packaged in a full-color foldout sleeve with the disc attached to the inner sleeve on a plastic hub, and pressed in a limited edition of 150 copies. :: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS, REVIEWS, AND MP3 SAMPLES :: 350c69d7ab


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