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[S2E2] The Last Children Of Krypton

Anyway, my point here is that Cadmus and the D.E.O. appear to pose in different sides of the issue, appear because the D.E.O isnt precisely alien friendly even though its practically directed by and alien himself, but I digress; the point of the matter here is that Cadmus isnt that wrong either, if the evil Kryptonians of last season and Karas red kryptonite trip, taught something to humanity is that they have to have a way to defend themselves. And here its where the Superman vs Manhunter issue comes.

[S2E2] The Last Children of Krypton

The Krypto-cousin duo gets to the bridge from the news flash and Mr. Corbin who has officially been named Metallo immediately starts putting the Buster Douglas BEATS on the em! He beat the breaks, vacation, and retirement off these two. The kryptonite Iron Man style chest core is letting loose wildfire plasma blasts putting Superman on his cushioned backside. Metallo puts his focus on Kara and hits her with the NFL concussion special with a double dose of dem CTE hands. Clark regains consciousness and hits Metallo with a Bron Bron shoulder charge from hell and sends the enemy flying 3 miles upriver. 041b061a72


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