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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

Experience the Thrill of Cruising with Carnival Cruise Lines Tycoon 2005: Island Hopping

If you haven't played Carnival Cruise Lines Tycoon 2005: Island Hopping or want to try this simulation video game, download it now for free! Published in 2004 by Activision Value Publishing, Inc., Carnival Cruise Lines Tycoon 2005: Island Hopping is still a popular managerial title amongst retrogamers, with a whopping 3.9/5 rating.

carnival cruise lines tycoon 2005 island hopping download

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After theme parks, zoos, marine parks, ski resorts, Las Vegas, airports, malls, fast-food joints, and railroads, you'd probably wonder what subject is left for tycoon games to cover. Apparently, the answer is cruise ships, or specifically, Carnival Cruise Line Tycoon 2005: Island Hopping, the latest tycoon game from Activision Value to be based on a licensed franchise. In theory, making a tycoon game out of a cruise liner is a potentially interesting idea; cruise ships have begun to resemble floating cities. However, in practice, Island Hopping is beset with problems that leave this tycoon game out to sea.


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