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HD Online Player (The Bahubali The Beginning Malayalam)

Olly, Gaurav, Rishabh, Ansh and Arun have all been selected for the role of Harishchandra in the web series Bahubali: The Beginning. The web series Bahubali: The Beginning, which is about the legend, known as the Ganga king, has been telecast on Netflix and Hotstar. The telecast of the series was started on August 5, this year. The first story of this web series is the birth of Harishchandra, the son of King Janaka, who becomes a great warrior and eventually the king of Matsya Kingdom. The king of Matsya decides to crown the boy as the king. When the boy grows up, he refuses to claim his title and starts his life as a normal human. There are many famous characters in this series. Arun plays Harishchandra, an ordinary young man. Although he is described as a prince in the series, he refuses to grab the crown and instead opts to go a normal life. Gaurav plays as King Janaka, the father of Harishchandra. Olly is seen in a very prominent role in this web series. He is introduced as Vasudeva, the guardian of Chitrakoot Palace. He has the kind of knowledge of Jainism and religion that makes him seem as an old man. The series has a mature approach and many interesting characters are introduced through it.

HD Online Player (The Bahubali The Beginning Malayalam)

Jaithrie Thottikal (or Jaithri), the uncle of Nair, is the main antagonist of Oru Sumangalathinte Mukham (a remake of Jawan) who is the primary antagonist of Jayam (the Hindi remake of the same director's Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu), as revealed at the end of Jayam. He was the main antagonist in 1977 Malayalam movie Anandan which was based on the movie Jawan and remade in 2009, as well as in Teja (telugu) 2011 and 2016. Jaithrie Thottikal's name in the Tamil version is Jagadeesh, in Telugu the name is Ganesh Raju, and in Kannada it is Hulikrishna.


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