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Modern Family - Season 4 ... [PORTABLE]

Modern Family employs an ensemble cast. The series is set in Los Angeles and focuses on the family lives of Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill), his daughter Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen), and his son Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). Claire is a homemaker mom married to Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell); they have three children, Haley (Sarah Hyland), the typical teenager,[3] Alex (Ariel Winter), the smart middle child[4] and Luke (Nolan Gould), the offbeat only son.[5] Jay is married to a much younger Colombian woman, Gloria (Sofía Vergara), and is helping her raise her teen son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez). Mitchell and his partner Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet) have adopted a Vietnamese baby, Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons). The kids are only required to appear in 22 episodes.[6]

Modern Family - Season 4 ...


The fourth season of Modern Family was met with mixed reviews. Willa Paskin of Salon gave the season a negative review, writing, "As Modern Family has gotten older, its characters, and their dynamics, have settled into grooves, some more discordant than others."[30] Halfway through the season, Rachel Stein of Television Without Pity wrote, "much as I liked the pairings and some of the dialogue, ["New Year's Eve"] is just another contrived episode of Modern Family we can cite when we talk later about how a different show should have won the 2013 Emmy for Best Comedy."[31]

The fourth season received twelve nominations at the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards in total,[81] including its fourth consecutive nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. The ceremony for the Primetime Awards was aired on September 22, 2013, on CBS. The Primetime Creative Arts Awards took place on September 15, 2013.

When sitcoms get to their fourth or fifth season, a lot can be achieved with familiarity. The characters are so well established and developed that placing them in key situations, knowing how their reaction should be, is always fun and one of the ways Modern Family keeps being consistently funny.

Not that it has stalled or continued to produce more of the same from the first three seasons. There is of course the standard set-up, with the show being a faux-documentary, mixing talking-heads with the often anarchic stories, but there are some notable changes this season.

Overall, Modern Family is still one of the best sitcoms on TV. It is sweet, well-written and tackling some modern and mature topics while still managing to be very funny. The stories are developing, the cast expanding and but the show remaining extremely funny.

While death is not typical family-sitcom fodder, "Modern Family" worked it out and regained some of its signature charm that's sadly been hit or miss all season. As Rachel Stein of Television Without Pity put it bluntly, "Even if I hated the rest of Season 4 (mostly just seven eighths of it, really), 'Goodnight Gracie' was one of the best episodes of 'Modern Family' ever. The plotlines were fun and unpredictable, the ensemble was well-used, and the conceit was incredibly sweet."

Modern Family - Season 4 is a Comedy, Romance TV Series whose creators are Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd. Modern family is a collection of real life stories of three different families and how they behave in life.

AceShowbiz -"Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland hates looking back at seasons four and five of the TV comedy, because her health issues were all over the screen.

"I look back and had cringe-worthy seasons, not because of puberty but because of health things," she tells WENN. "I cannot stand seasons four and five because I had very bad prednisone (medication) face and I gained 30 pounds."

The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan are a large and blended family with Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neil) sitting at the head. By his side is his younger second wife, Gloria (Sofia Vergara), and together they are navigating life with Gloria's son, Manny (Rico Rodriguez). Elsewhere, Jay's grown daughter, Claire (Julie Bowen), and her husband, Phil (Ty Burrell), are navigating life with kids, Luke (Nolan Gould), daughter, Alex (Ariel Winter) and eldest Haley (Sarah Hyland). Then there's Claire's brother and Jay's grown son, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), and his husband, Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), and their adopted daughter, Lily (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons). These three families are unique unto themselves, and together they give us an honest and often hilarious look into the sometimes warm, sometimes twisted, embrace of the modern family.

You may not remember this cameo from all the way back in season one, but it's one worth reliving. In "Great Expectations," Claire, in an attempt to finally give Phil a great anniversary gift, arranges for a private performance by Izzy LaFontaine, the fictional bass player of Spandau Ballet, played by none other than Edward Norton.

Before he and the Rock became onscreen and offscreen BFFs, Kevin Hart was busy playing a friend to Phil Dunphy on season three of "Modern Family." His character, Andre, is an orthopedic surgeon who has been living next door to the Dunphys' for several years.

He shows up twice in season three, first offering to help Phil build a treehouse for Luke in "Treehouse" and then later convincing Phil to buy a Porsche, to Claire's chagrin, in "Planes, Trains, and Cars."

What's worse than having an ex-boyfriend show up at your niece's birthday? Having your ex-boyfriend show up with your mother, as Matt Dillon's Robbie Sullivan did in the season two episode "Princess Party."

"Modern Family" fans may not remember Jane Krakowski's fairly good impression of Regina George in the season five episode "Under Pressure." Gloria encounters Krakowski's mean mom character, Dr. Donna Duncan, during an open house at the high school.

Ray Liotta helps save the day during a disastrous birthday celebration for Mitchell in the season seven episode, "Playdates." After Hayley, Luke, and Alex forget to plan the belated birthday surprise they promised their uncle, they end up taking him on an impromptu walking tour of celebrity homes to try and find Barbra Streisand's house.

In addition to featuring Liotta and Streisand, season seven's "Playdates" also brought Keegan-Michael Key into the fold, although not as himself. In the episode, Key plays one-half of a wealthy couple that Claire and Phil meet on vacation and hit it off with. That is, except for one little problem: The two, Tom and Lisa, never offer to pay for a meal, always leaving the Dunphys' to pick up the bill instead.

We can thank Lin-Manuel Miranda's character, Guillermo, for introducing Jay to his now-favorite member of the family, his dog, Stella. The grocery store worker brings the pooch over in an attempt to sell Jay on the idea of a dog-training system called "The Good Doggy/Bad Doggy Training System."

In season three, Josh Gad plays Kenneth, a former neighbor of the Dunphys who became a tech ingenue and made billions of dollars on a video game invention. Kenneth claims he owes his success to Phil, who he used to idolize as a young kid and who he says always encouraged him to follow his heart.

Patton Oswalt makes a cameo during the season five episode, "Las Vegas," in which the whole "Modern Family" crew heads to the city for the weekend. While Claire is occupied trying to win back some money she lost on a similar trip to Vegas years ago, Phil goes on an underground audition for a secret society of magicians, led by Oswalt's peculiar character, Ducky.

Most of Haley's boyfriends on the show have made Phil and Claire mad at some point, and Jason Mantzoukas' season four character, Kenneth, is no exception. Kenneth is a jean designer who works with Hayley at a boutique. When the two decide to go out on a date in the episode "Party Crasher," it doesn't go over very well with her parents, since Kenneth is around Phil's age.

Mitchell and Cameron are forced to confront another crazy neighbor in season five's "Under Pressure," this time played by Jesse Eisenberg. Eisenberg's Asher is a know-it-all environmentalist whose pushy ways rub Mitchell the wrong way.

From superhero shows to family comedies to Shondaland, May means saying goodbye to almost everything that made you cancel weekday plans in winter (No one believed that you "have plans" every Wednesday at the exact same time as Broad City). Catch their finales on Hulu the next day, then use your new free time to catch up on full seasons you missed. 041b061a72


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