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Axel Cox
Axel Cox

Gothic 2 Gold Edition [GOG] Game

A huge part of the game's success lies in its approach to progression. As is often the case in strategy and RPG games alike, the goal in each scenario is to uncover a map and make all of the numbers go as high as possible. Build lots of units, level up heroes and gather gold until there's no space left in your coffers. New World Computing ensure that there's always something interesting behind the fog of war, however, and that every step toward victory feels like a tiny fantastic subplot in its own right. Just look at the towns for proof - every building and upgrade feels like an achievement, and part of a beautiful, fantastic tapestry.

Gothic 2 Gold Edition [GOG] Game

This is an adventure that captures that 'one more mission' addictiveness, and it's superbly written, too. The various bickering cyber-clerics behind your expedition are genuinely memorable characters, and you find yourself gripped - and occasionally even laughing - as their story unfolds in between missions. The game's also dripping with atmosphere, with moody battlefields, light choose-your-own-adventure elements in between fights, and a grimy industrial soundtrack that sounds like what a bunch of Gregorian monks might create if given access to an abandoned factory, a synth setup, and more than a little ketamin.

Released earlier this year in spring for PC, and then in the fall for consoles, NORCO is a point-and-click adventure game that takes place in a near-future version of a New Orleans suburb, as a young woman returns to her hometown to search for her missing brother after the death of their mother. The game brings pseudo-futuristic elements together with southern gothic elements to create a game that is very grounded in reality.


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