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In spite of Mr. Wake's claim, "The Real History of the Rosicrucians"still remains to be written, at any rate in the English language. Thebook he has published under this name is merely a superficial study ofthe question largely composed of reprints of Rosicrucian pamphletsaccessible to any student. Mr. Wigston and Mrs. Pott merely echo Mr.Waite. Thus everything that has been published hitherto consists in therepetition of Rosicrucian legends or in unsubstantiated theorizings ontheir doctrines. What we need are facts. We want to know who were theearly Rosicrucians, when the Fraternity originated, and what were itsreal aims. These researches must be made, not by an occultist weavinghis own theories into the subject, but by a historian free from anyprejudices for or against the Order, capable of weighing evidence andbringing a judicial mind to bear on the material to be found in thelibraries of the Continent--notably the Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal inParis. Such a work would be a valuable contribution to the history ofsecret societies in our country.

vampire academy book 3 pdf free 173

It was above all Freemasonry [says Findel], which--because it falsely held itself to be a daughter of Templarism--took the greatest pains to represent the Order of the Templars as innocent and therefore free from all mystery. For this purpose not only legends and unhistorical facts were brought forward, but manœuvres were also resorted to in order to suppress the truth. The masonic reverers of the Temple Order bought up the whole edition of the Actes du Procès of Moldenhawer, because this showed the guilt of the Order; only a few copies reached the booksellers.... Already several decades before ... the Freemasons in their unhistorical efforts had been guilty of real forgery. Dupuy had published his History of the Trial of the Templars as early as 1654 in Paris, for which he had made use of the original of the Actes du Procès, according to which the guilt of the Order leaves no room for doubt.... But when in the middle of the eighteenth century several branches of Freemasonry wished to recall the Templar Order into being, the work of Dupuy was naturally very displeasing. It had already been current amongst the public for a hundred years, so it could no longer be bought; therefore they falsified it.315

Crowley, who was a Cabalist, had written a book on Goetic Magic and soonafter becoming a member of the "Golden Dawn" set to work with another"Frater" on magical experiments, including evocations, the consecrationand use of talismans, divination, alchemy, etc. In 1900 Crowley hadjoined Mathers in Paris where the latter and his wife were living underthe assumed names of the "Comte and Comtesse of Glenstrae" and engagedin reviving the mysteries of Isis at the Bodinière Theatre. In this taskthey were joined by an extraordinary lady, the notorious Madame Horos(alias the Swami) who claimed to be the real and authentic SapiensDominabatur Astris. Crowley described her as "a very stout woman andvery fair" and "a vampire of remarkable power;" Mathers declared her tobe "probably the most powerful medium living," but later, in a letter toanother member of the "Golden Dawn" observed: "I believe her and heraccomplices to be emissaries of a very powerful secret occult orderwho have been trying for years to break up other Orders and especiallymy work." Incidentally this lady, who proved to be a false S.D.A., endedby starting an Order in collaboration with her husband, in which it wassaid that certain rituals of the Golden Dawn were adapted to an immoralpurpose, with the result that the couple were brought to trial andfinally condemned to penal servitude.

The Bible is a real book, although during the whole of the nineteenthcentury the Churches turned a blind eye to the fact that it was a freetranslation by Jacobean clergymen of a Greek text of doubtfulauthenticity and of multiple authorship. The Bible is as divinelyinspired as Shakespeare, or Milton, or Anatole France. But it is not as"pure" as the texts of these authors, for it is:--

The connexion between German Imperialism, International Finance,Illuminism, Bolshevism, and certain sections of British Socialism isthus apparent. Is Germany then the secret power behind the thing we callBolshevism? Are Illuminism and Pan-Germanism one and the same thing? Tothis hypothesis two objections present themselves: firstly, that thespirit of Illuminism and Bolshevism existed, as we have seen in earlierchapters of this book, long before modern Germany came into existence;and secondly, that Germany herself is not entirely free from thecontagion. For although the danger of Bolshevism in Germany has beendoubtless greatly exaggerated in order to prevent the Allies frompressing their demands for disarmament and reparations, neverthelessBolshevism under its illuminated name of Spartacism cannot be regardedas a movement entirely staged for the deception of Europe. Moreover,just as in the countries of the Allies it has shown itself, under theguise of Pacifism, savagely anti-national and pro-German, so in Germany,as also in Hungary, it turned Pacifism to the opposite purpose byprofessing sympathy at moments with the Allies.


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