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Buy Subaru Brz Turbo Kit VERIFIED

Our comment: Full Blown have come up with this well-priced offering of their Stage 1 premium turbo kit. Despite being the cheapest on our list, it is rated up to an impressive 440hp provided you have the required supporting mods.

buy subaru brz turbo kit

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We also ditched the the Tial housings for the standard T3 flange (this will allow you to run Precision turbo or other makes in the future). We switched to a 39mm wastegate and went with a standard T3 50 Trim, T3 57 Trim, or you can upgrade to the GTX (Please see option).

Updated 19th November, 2020: The GReddy T518Z was our deserved winner, however, recently GReddy has unfortunately decided to discontinue this turbo kit. Since this kit is no longer on the market, we have decided to award the win to the very solid WORKS Stage 2 turbo kit.

We highly recommend that further research is done based on our guide. There are often additional parts, tunes or upgrades for base-level turbo that may be either vital or purely suit your preferences.

You can choose between ball bearing and journal bearing center sections. Ball-bearing turbos are designed to provide better support to the turbine shaft under heavy load, they require less oil, and they run cooler than journal-bearing turbos.

With the boost dialed up between 15 psi to 18 psi, the P&L turbo kit can make up to 400 whp. Other than upgraded engine internals, a build like that demands ceramic coated headers and exhaust piping, a turbo blanket, and most importantly, an aftermarket oil cooler.

The low and mid-mounted turbocharger complements the low center gravity of the boxer engine and helps the overall balance of the car. This placement also allows for better cooling and a straighter downpipe.

With a great deal of experience in the turbo field, GReddy offers very high quality kits specially designed to supercharge originally N/A engines. Rather than opting for an expensive N/A build involving the replacement of many internal parts, the choice of a conversion kit like this can prove to be more interesting in terms of performance and budget.

Depending on the turbo kit chosen, additional modifications may be necessary in order to obtain the best results: injectors and fuel pump of higher flow rates, less restrictive exhaust, oil cooler, forged pistons, programmable ECU, boost controller ... Don't hesitate to contact us about your project!

Founded in 1977 in Japan, Trust is a huge company in the tuning world. Trust make all of their products in Japan, at their factory in Chiba, Tokyo. Their huge range is split into numerous well known brands, such as GReddy (exhausts, turbo kits, radiators and intercoolers, electronics...), GREX and GRacer. DriftShop have an exclusive partnership with Trust in Japan, allowing us to offer their products straight from the factory, at the best prices and without going through another distributor.

Tomioka Racing's turbocharger kit is an all-in-one solution to increase power for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS and Toyota 86, now available in our proprietary Ball Bearing version. The kit comes with a 58/76mm billet compressor wheel turbocharger featuring dual ceramic ball bearing technology and a billet waste-gate actuator. The ceramic ball bearing requires less oil to run and spools faster. With its larger compressor and turbine wheel, it will achieve higher top-end power compared to the journal bearing version. In addition, the billet waste-gate actuator ensures to hold boost levels at high RPM.

Now Featuring the BMC Conical air filter. Designed for direct air intake we teamed up with BMC to create our full turbo kit with a top of the line air filter system! The special filtration mesh allows the production of filters with a power up to 700 HP without presenting problems of filter deformation.

TR has partnered with Motul USA to offer a free 2L can of 300V 5W30 or 5W40 with any purchase of TR turbos! Choose your oil of choice in the options and we will include it in your order!

You can't go wrong with ETS products. All ETS products are made with superior quality that fit like it's supposed to. Customer service was impeccable as I communicated with them during my selection of parts and turbos. I started with a stock BCP x500+ making 475whp/ 400wtq on 93 pump with the 3.5 inch ets fmic. Bought the single scroll rotated kit with the g30-900 turbo and man what an upgrade. Now making 700whp /590wtq.if on e85 at 34psi in 3rd gear and 725whp in 4th gear. The perfect street monster called Blu Hulk. I could actually get more but didn't want to max the turbo out. When I swapped to the ETS rotated kit the spool and sound totally changed. Much deeper tone than stock location and also more heat but there are plenty of ways to manage it.

With decades of engineering experience, building cars, and going fast, we are committed to designing and manufacturing turbos and parts we are proud to run in our own cars, parts that are engineered to out perform, and last. We are committed products that just work with great fitment right out of the box with everything you need to be successful. This is our commitment and our obsession. We are SteamSpeed.

The AVO turbocharger kit is designed from top to bottom specifically for the FR-S 86 and BRZ, and consists of all the parts necessary to bolt the kit up to the car. We utilize an AVO18/49 billet turbocharger that mounts up under the front of the engine via our stainless steel unequal exhaust manifold, and then it bolts up to the stock exhaust with our ceramic coated stainless steel turbo outlet (also referred to as a downpipe). Cooling the pressurized air is an aluminum bar and plate front mount intercooler which uses black piping throughout, mechanical oil scavenging pump, oil reservoir tank, and all necessary water and oil hoses and fittings.

TUNING:TO TUNE WITH THIS KIT, YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A AVO ECU Kit Cable & License. THIS NEEDS TO BE PURCHASED SEPERATELY. THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT BECAUSE MOST SHOPS CHOSE TO MAKE A CUSTOM TUNE WITH THEIR SOFTWARE AND WE WANTED TO KEEP THE PRICES LOW FOR A BASIC TURBO KIT. THANK YOU.This turbo kit has been designed to bolt up to the stock air intake box and to the stock exhaust system. We have spent a lot of time ensuring it will work with the standard fueling system for a complete bolt on and go setup. The beauty of the system is that it looks very stock from above! The FMIC has been specifically designed to fit with the standard bumper without trimming as well, and on the FR-S models the intercooler would be difficult to see unless you are looking for it.

So what can you expect from this kit? From our testing, you will see anywhere from 250 to 400whp on pump gas, dependent upon the quality of the gas it is tuned for. This is due entirely to the fact that the stock motor is 12.5:1 compression, incredibly high for a n/a motor. This makes gas quality even more important than ever! If it wasn't for the fact that this FA20 motor is a completely different and modern design with an incredibly well made combustion chamber, we wouldn't even attempt to turbocharge these cars. But while many people associate it with the old EJ20 series motors from Subaru, there is absolutely no comparison besides the fact they are both boxer engines made by Subaru. The entire design of the engine is different, which has been improved tremendously from anything previously made by Subaru.Not only is the engine a major step up, the ECU on this car is also a great design, reacting incredibly fast to knock and adjusting parameters to compensate. This helps increase the reliability of the turbocharged motor. As is well known by now, this is also a direct injection motor, helping both power and gas mileage. We have seen mpg figures as good as stock on the freeway, and probably better than stock as we were not exactly sitting on cruise control during our testing!

We are unique in utilizing a mechanical oil pump that we locate at the back of the engine, which runs off the back of the RH camshaft. There is also a oil reservoir tank right off the turbocharger itself. This is the most reliable way to pull oil through the turbo to the engine, as it keeps the flow rate tied to the rpm speed of the motor, ensuring that it is properly scavenged at low rpms and idling, and has enough at high rpms.

Bar and Plate Aluminum Intercooler with cast end tanks. The size is as follows: Length = 19"; Height = 8"; & Width = 3.5".The intercooler kit utilizes black wire-reinforced silicone piping and two black powdercoated steel pipes. The intake piping has ports to mount up a variety of blow-off valves, even OEM ones for a full stealth look.Blow-Off Valve Specifications:The kit comes with an plumb back OEM-Style BOV and keeps idle steady. The blow-off valve keeps the kit looking stealthy and is also very quiet to maintain the stealthiness even further.Turbo PCV Valve & Filler Neck System Specifications:The PCV Valve that is supplied in this kit is specifically for turbocharging and is designed not to leak under boost conditions. The factory OEM unit on the BRZ/FR-S is naturally for normally aspirated conditions. You will loose boost from your desired boost setting and therefore not achieve your optimum power. The more adverse affect of not having the Turbo PCV Valve is the upsetting of the engine breathing system due to boost being blown into the sump.Additional Parts in the Stage 3 Kit: 041b061a72


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