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Stewart Charlesworth's fantastical designs look weird but not kinky, with lacy white underwear for the fairy ladyboys, dressing gowns and eccentric paraphernalia for the rhubarbing old lords with whom they come into conflict. Actually the "Entry of the Peers" seems to be whipping up cachuchas, fandangos and boleros from another G&S work, but all this busy going against the pompous grain certainly has everyone working with tireless energy; and later, Private Willis - company "dance captain" Raymond Tait, deadpan-funny - does a Scots jig in front of the curtain rather than a solemn strut before parliament in the immortal "Sentry's Song".

Balancing this is the lighter play of the two young lovers (admirable how Sullivan keeps their music more or less pastoral throughout). Louis Maskell with his matinee-idol looks also has vocal and dramatic presence, sounds as yet a bit short-winded, but once he's decided what exactly he wants to be, his career is surely going to be a brilliant one. Against him, Alan Richardson has some shrill soubrette stuff to deal with as another of Gilbert's sly ingénues, but again manages to be both appealing and dignified - a lovely performance.

In your dreams: A senior policeman announcing with a straight face there is no prostitution in Pattaya. Apparently the resort is back to an almost pristine state having also eradicated ladyboys, assorted riff-raff and bridge players.

The good news is that the only thing separating young Cian Healy from international rugby is a bit of experience, and that Ronnie McCormack might be available again for the trip to Cork on Friday. McCormack has had limited club action since returning from shoulder surgery -- his last game for Leinster was against Edinburgh last February -- but if they can get himself, le Roux, Knoop, Wright and Healy fit at the same time, it would be a start. At this point, however, it's a concern that Knoop still wasn't ready to feature on Friday after the bang he took in the head in Ravenhill four weeks ago.

"The purpose of founding the film school is to share France's filmmaking experience with young Chinese people who are interested in film production, helping them better understand international film language and techniques, and most importantly training them to make movies with an international perspective." 041b061a72


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