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Download Marvel (Completo) CRG Tar

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Download Marvel (Completo) CRG tar

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The world always says the same thing. And in that patient truth which proceeds from star to star is established a freedom which releases us from ourselves and from others, as in that other patient truth which proceeds from death to death. Patrice, Catherine, Rose and Claire then grew aware of the happiness born of their abandonment to the world. If this night was in some sense the figure of their fate, they marvelled that it should be at once so carnal and so secret, that upon its countenance mingled both tears and the sun. And with pain and joy, their hearts learned to hear that double lesson which leads to the happy death.

Jody stood a moment to watch his father make an expert castacross the pond. He marveled at the skill of the knotted hands.The bob lay at the edge of a cluster of lily pads. Penny began tojerk it slowly across the water. It dipped and bobbed with theirregular rhythm of a live insect. There was no strike and Pennydrew in his line and cast again in the same place. He called toinvisible fish, lurking near the weedy bottom.

He was afraid that it might kick and bleat at sight and smellof its mother. He skirted the clearing and pushed his way intothe thicket. It was difficult to fight through with his burden.The fawn's legs caught in the bushes and he could not lift hisown with freedom. He tried to shield its face from pricklingvines. Its head bobbed with his stride. His heart thumped withthe marvel of its acceptance of him. He reached the trail andwalked as fast as he could until he came to the intersection withthe road home. He stopped to rest and set the fawn down on itsdangling legs. It wavered on them. It looked at him andbleated.

But it was the fawn that drew him from the contentment of thehouse. He slipped into the shed to marvel at its existence andhis possession. When he returned with Buck from the lot,chattering of the fawn, he beckoned him to follow.

It was good to become old and see the sights and hear thesounds that men saw and heard, like Buck and his father. That waswhy he liked to lie flat on his belly on the floor, or on theearth before the camp-fire, while men talked. They had seenmarvels, and the older they were, the more marvels they had seen.He felt himself moving into a mystic company. He had a tale nowof his own to tell on winter evenings.

Again Jody marveled at the metamorphosis of live creatures inwhom he had felt interest and sympathy, into cold flesh that madeacceptable food. He was glad when the killing was over. Now,scraping away on the smooth firm hides, he enjoyed seeing theskin become clean and white. He began to anticipate the smell ofsausage frying and of cracklings browning in the fat. Nothing waswasted, not even the entrails. The meat itself was dressed outinto hams and shoulders, side-meat and belly-bacon, which wouldbe cured with salt and pepper and brown sugar made from their owncane juice, and then smoked slowly over hickory coals in thesmoke-house. There remained the hocks and feet, which would bepickled in brine; the ribs and backbones which would be fried andput down in crocks under a protective layer of lard; the headsand livers and kidneys and hearts which would be made intohead-cheese and put down the same way. The trimmings of lean meatwould be ground into sausage. The fat would be tried out in thewash-pot and the lard put down in crocks and cans and the browncracklings laid away for shortening in cornbread. The stomachsand intestines would be scraped and turned and soaked, and thenused for casings in which the sausage meat would be stuffed, andthe sausages hung in festoons and smoked along with the hams andbacons. Odds and ends would be cooked with cornmeal for the dogsand chickens. Even the tails were dressed. Only one part, like awindpipe, seemed without use and was tossed away.

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