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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

Series Mag _BEST_

SIG SAUER is proud to announce the official expansion of the MCX series of rifles with the new MCX-SPEAR chambered in 277 SIG FURY. The MCX-SPEAR was developed with direct input from U.S. warfighters to provide more power, distance, and accuracy to replace the current M4 rifle platform. The MCX-SPEAR is now the most innovative and advanced AR platform in the world.

Series Mag

Although the Japanese archipelago has a temperate marine climate, it differs by region depending on the effects of seasonal winds and ocean currents. Due to the topography of Honshu featuring a series of mountain ranges running from north to south, the northwest monsoon in the winter brings humid conditions with heavy precipitation (snow) to the Sea of Japan side of Honshu but comparatively dry weather with low precipitation to the Pacific Ocean side. In the summer, the southeast monsoon brings high temperatures and low rainfall on the Sea of Japan side, and high temperatures and high humidity on the Pacific Ocean side. Another unique characteristic of Japan's climate is that it has two long spells of rainy seasons, one in early summer when the southeast monsoon begins to blow, and the other in autumn when the winds cease. From summer to autumn, tropical cyclones generated in the Pacific Ocean to the south develop into typhoons and hit Japan, sometimes causing storm and flood damage. In recent years, intense torrential rains exceeding previous expectations have caused localized damage. 041b061a72


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