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Cream Wolf Game

In WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition, "pure white" pups do not exist in the same sense that they did in past incarnations of WolfQuest for lack of an integrated experience system, thus they are no longer considered an unlockable reward. Only the cream-colored white-mix and its mottled white-cream counterpart are considered white.

Cream Wolf Game


In WolfQuest: Classic, this puppy-only coat is a reward unlocked when a player's wolf has earned 15,000 experience points. This puppy has a black nose, blue eyes, and faint traces of browns and grays in its fur. Contrary to popular belief, it is not truly pure white; it is simply a brightened edit of the standard white puppy coat.

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Description: You are a werewolf. At the daytime you are a regular ice cream truck driver who serves up to boys and girls their favorite flavors. In the night, attack the same people and eat them. Use Arrows to drive your truck. Hold X to play your ice cream truck's tune and attract customers. Avoid from the cops. Use Z for second orders.

Whisper the Wolf (ウィスパーザウルフ[6], Uisupā za Urufu?) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. She is a heroic anthropomorphic wolf and a former member of the now-dismantled Diamond Cutters who supports the Restoration and their allies. She is aided in her efforts by her own personal team of Wisps.

Inspiration for Whisper came from Sniper Wolf from the Metal Gear series, the Major from Ghost in the Shell and Kopaka from Bionicle.[7] Whisper's overall design is derived from one of the many models the female wolf Avatar from Sonic Forces could assume.[8] Whisper's early designs were somewhat different than the final version however. For example, she had blue hair and fur. She also had a more ostentatious costume and she did not originally have her iconic mask.[9]

The reason why Whisper's eyes almost always appear closed is for expressing her emotions. In comics and animation, eyes that can see while appearing closed can be short hand for a few things, including indicating that a character is wise, that they are constantly keeping a close eye on everything, or that a character is dealing with a lot of emotional pain. And all of those are kind of true for Whisper. Plus, when she does open her eyes, it lets the reader know that what she is looking at is very important.[10] It is also inspired by the traditional depiction of kitsunes with eyes appearing to be closed. Sega of Japan approved of Whisper's eye design despite her being a wolf, due to wolves serving the same role as kitsunes in older Japanese folklore.[11]

Whisper is an anthropomorphic wolf with brown skin and biscotti fur. She has thick black eyelashes and cloudy white fur around her eyes that resemble a mask. Her eyes are cadet blue, although they are often closed to the point of squinting. She wears light gray eyeshadow and has a long, bushy tail which ends in several tufts of fur sticking out in various directions. She also has a black nose, long-pointed ears and quite long hair that she keeps tied at the back in a ponytail with a black hair tie, save for a long, thick hair bang that covers her right eye. Her pointed cheeks are a little fluffy.[12] Her fangs protrude from her mouth which is often in a natural frown. For attire, Whisper wears a cream colored tube top, light gray leggings, and a dark gray cloak, in which she keeps six Wisp canisters. The cloak also has black and dark gray pockets seen on the shoulders.

Whisper wears an outfit geared towards combat. This includes dark gray arm sleeves with black elbow pads, dark gray and light gray gloves with visible claws, and dark gray knee sleeves and black knee pads. She sports military-fashioned black, dark gray, and light gray boots. She can sometimes be seen wearing her cat-like ornate mask scope, which is cream, dark gray and light gray in color. Three holes are seen at the right side of the mask and a blue "eye" on the left side (though the color of the "eye" can vary depending on which Wisp power the Variable Wispon is using).[13]

Whisper later came to Spiral Hill Village to visit Tangle, which pleased the lemur very much. Tangle thus gave Whisper a tour of the town, including places like the salon and the bakery, where Whisper bought and ate a croissant. Tangle then brought Whisper to the Mineral Museum to meet her best friend, Jewel the Beetle. There, Tangle introduced Whisper and Jewel to each other, telling Whisper that she and Jewel grew up together. Jewel then explained to Whisper that Tangle collected many items during her adventures which Jewel used to curate her museum. Soon though, the sky started to go dark outside. Whisper immediately after pulled out her Variable Wispon as she had heard a scream come from outside. A moment afterward, the Babylon Rogues broke into the museum and began stealing everything. After Storm accidentally kidnapped Jewel however, Whisper and Tangle began pursuing the Babylon Rogues after they retreated to their blimp. Through collaborative efforts, Tangle and Whisper managed to get onboard the Babylon Rogues' blimp. There, they confronted the Babylon Rogues and demanded Jewel to be handed over. As Jet and Wave argued over how to deal with their hostage situation though, Tangle secretly took their stolen loot back. When Storm then ended up throwing Jewel out of the blimp, Whisper jumped out of the blimp so as to not lose another friend. Tangle soon jumped out after to join them. On the way down, Whisper hung onto an injured Jewel while Tangle hanged onto her. Whisper then used her Variable Wispon's Hover Mode to gently lower them down. Afterward, Whisper helped her friends restore the Mineral Museum and its exhibits. There, she fist bumped with Tangle after the latter thanked her for her aid.[21]

Whisper explained that the Diamond Cutters were an anti-Eggman group and there were five of them: herself, Mimic, Slinger the Ocelot, Claire Voyance and Smithy the Lion. She showed Tangle a picture of them together, with the latter expressing how cool they looked. Whisper explained that the video for their masks were networked to let them review missions and study each other's perspectives. The wolf decided to let Tangle see them in action by letting her use her mask to view a past mission of them taking down an Eggman base. Tangle enjoyed the spectacle but was soon interrupted when she discovered that Whisper's mask let her talk and understand the Wisps. Whisper explained that Smithy was a genius and designed the team's gear and made the masks give the Diamond Cutters the ability to communicate with each other. Whisper went on to say that the Variable Wispon was actually a prototype built by Smithy that everyone on the team was meant to have so that they could all use the powers of the Wisps. Whisper then solemnly stopped, which prompted Tangle to ask her to tell her what happened as it was clearly eating her up inside. Whisper initially refused, which made Tangle ask to see the footage on her mask; she told Whisper that she understood if she was not able to confront her past right now, but the more she knew about it, the more she would be able to help her. With encouragement from her Wisps, Whisper entered in the details and handed Tangle her mask to see the Diamond Cutters' final mission.[14]

After watching the details of Whisper's tragic past, Tangle, horrified of what she had seen, took off Whisper's mask and softly handed it back to her. Whisper explained that when the coast was clear, she went back into the Eggman base to rescue the rest of the team's Wisps and then went to team's base to take Smithy's prototype Variable Wispon. Tangle was at a loss for words and became frustrated. After taking a deep breath, she asked why Whisper would hold onto that footage, to which the wolf replied "Never forget. Never forgive." Tangle then realized that this was why she continued to fight as the "Guardian Angel of the Battlefield" and later joined the others to fight Neo Metal Sonic. She also realized that it must have been difficult for her to see Shadow on the mission as well. Tangle lastly asked why Whisper chose to leave her behind knowing how Mimic could toy with and asked why she did not ask someone like Sonic to help her even if she did not want the lemur's company. Whisper told her that she was the first real friend she allowed herself to have since the incident and could not stand the thought of losing anyone again. Tangle teared up and declared that Whisper was her friend as well and friends looked out for each other no matter what. When Whisper reminded her that Mimic nearly destroyed them both, Tangle stated that he would get double the payback and make him regret all of his actions. As Tangle helped Whisper up, she told her that she knew his tactics now and he would not catch her off guard again. When Whisper noted that Tangle could not be discouraged, Tangle replied saying that Whisper needed positive energy and her friends needed avenging. With this, Whisper hugged the lemur and thanked her. The wolf then noted that the trail was cold and it would take a while to find Mimic again. Tangle disagreed, believing Eggman would want solid proof about their deaths; thus, Mimic would come back and they could give him a taste of his own medicine. Whisper then left a message for Mimic, saying that they will finish the fight where they started.[14]


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