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Grace often credits her mother as her source of inspiration. When asked about her closest friend, she said that she and her mother were more like sisters and that she is "lucky to have an exceptionally cool mom."[37] She is a self-proclaimed Anglophile; having written to a pen pal in the Lake District from the age of eight, and admiring a number of English poets, including William Shakespeare; she first visited England when she was thirteen.[38] She calls herself very clumsy, claiming to "trip over my legs all the time,"[39] and was jokingly nicknamed "Maggie Graceless" by one of her former cast-mates.[40]

Kitty has a better relationship with her father, Burt hides from his wife because she is shrill, uptight, and yells constantly. After going bankrupt, the Sigurdsons moved from Arizona to live with the Formans. Burt bought an ostrich farm right next to a coyote farm. The coyotes ate all their ostriches and they lost all their money. While living with the Formans, in Your Time Is Gonna Come, Burt has a heart attack in their driveway and eventually dies at the hospital that same night.

Her daughter, Angela, is now a year old. Joan crouched on the floor, folding up her lanky teenage limbs and fed Angela fingers-full of steamed rice, crimped strands of instant noodles and fermented anchovies from the family's small communal bowl.

Sisters Joan (center) and Jossa Garcia (left), both teen mothers, hang out in a boat with their children and their younger sister. Each year, 1.2 million Filipina girls between the ages of 10 and 19 have a child. Hannah Reyes Morales for NPR hide caption

The main reasons for the high rate of teenage pregnancies are inadequate sex education (some girls do not know that having sex can result in pregnancy or fully consider the responsibility of having children) and a lack of access to birth control.

"It was one step back [for] adolescent health," said Dr. Juan Perez III, executive director for the Philippine Commission on Population and Development. The law improved access to birth control for women, but it became harder for teenagers to get birth control.

That was the finding of a 2016 study by the United Nations Population Fund. By age 20, a teenage girl in the Philippines who gets pregnant and drops out of school earns 87 percent of the average 20-year-old woman's pay. Perez said the lower income continues further into adulthood.

Sisters Joan (left) and Jossa Garcia (right), both teen mothers, are seen in their home in the Navotas fish port with their children, Angela and JM, respectively. Hannah Reyes Morales for NPR hide caption

The work of improving access to birth control, Hontiveros said, "were passed on to us by those who came before us, they struggled, and they fought. They won some, and they lost probably more, but they passed on to us better situations that they started out with."

Joy Villanueva, 15, holds her baby. The slums where her family lived had burned down; they hope to build a new shack to replace the home they lost. Hannah Reyes Morales for NPR hide caption

Girls like Joy are classified among the poor, a vast category that encompasses 20 percent of Filipinos. Among teenage mothers of all income brackets, the poorest girls are the least likely to be able to finish their high school education after having their first child.

Inevitably, when Vere turns to the page in the photo workbook that shows an array of penis sizes and shapes, the teenagers break into peals of laughter. They cover their eyes and hide behind one another. Vere fields their questions: Why are some bigger than others? Why is that one crooked?

While the teenagers were fascinated with the practicalities and hygiene of sex and puberty, they struggled to discuss the process of conception. Bring up the difficulties and cost of raising a child, Vere said, and the teenagers would shut down or quickly change the subject.

In 2017 (left), Ralyn Ramirez, then 17, had just given birth to her first child, a baby girl. She'd tell other teenagers that becoming a teen mom was not wonderful. But in 2019 (right), Ramirez became pregnant a second time. Hannah Reyes Morales for NPR hide caption

In November 2019, 18-year-old Ralyn Ramirez curls up with her second child, a boy. In between giving birth, she had warned other teens about having a baby. Hannah Reyes Morales for NPR hide caption

Sitting at small sundries shop in Manila North Cemetery, where she lives (as thousands of people do) in one of the mausoleums, Ralyn chats with Margie, a 15-year-old who is seven months pregnant. In front of the shop, another young girl sits on a bench, her dress stretched over her belly. Ralyn points out a teenager walking down the path and says she was a child mother, too. Margie says she knows an even younger girl who gave birth when she was just 12 years old.

Ralyn Ramirez spends time with her family, including a daughter and a son. She and her boyfriend thought they were ready to have children after seeing other teen parents. "But it turns out I wasn't," she says. Hannah Reyes Morales for NPR hide caption

These are animals found in Hamilton County either by the public or the Hamilton County Dog Warden. Per the Ohio Revised Code, strays are held at the shelter or in a stray foster for a minimum of 72 hours. If you believe any of these are your lost pet, please contact the shelter immediately at 513-541-7387. Be prepared to provide proof of ownership: photos of you with your pet, vet records, adoption paperwork, or purchase receipt.

Make sure to also file a lost pet report on PawBoost. PawBoost is like an AMBER Alert for lost pets and has helped reunite over one million pets with their families. Posting is free, with optional premium services available.

Losing track of your cat can be a scary experience. It may be difficult to find them or to know where to start your search. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to protect your cat from becoming lost and make it easier to find your cat if they do go wandering.

This is a very helpful post. I remember when I was volunteering at my local nonprofit, a patron came into the lobby frantic about her lost dog. I asked if she had a flyer or something we could post on her behalf to spread the word and she only had photos in her phone. Having a template like this would have been so helpful for her.

A teenager in Russia tells the Chronicle that synth-pop artist Mr. Kitty sent him nude photos, graphic sexual videos, and explicit texts over a nearly four-month exchange of direct messages on social media. The victim says he was only 15 at the time and had revealed his age with the singer.

On June 26, Mr. Kitty released a statement via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in which he admitted to having an online relationship with an underage fan, but without the specifics provided to the Chronicle by the teen in Russia.

On Wednesday Jan. 9, CWRU hosted Thiel College and Lourdes University, but lost to both schools in the tri-meet. First-year wrestler Adam Kates, third-year wrestler Isaac Collier and Hoover all won both of their matches on the day. Against Thiel, the Spartans lost 24-14, and they lost 30-20 to Lourdes.

This is a special WeightWatchers episode, recapping Nat's weight loss over the last 10 weeks of the WeightWatchers challenge. The freedom of saying that Nat wanted to lose weight and that she has lost weight is so liberating. For so long it felt like such a taboo thing to say. It can ignite a major conversation on social media and can be a trigger for people. At the end of the day it is Nat's journey, Nat's story. It makes her feel good and that's just the honest truth. Losing weight is not going to make you happy if you aren't already a happy person. It's not going to solve any problems. If you get angry about other people's weight loss, check in with yourself. We should be at a place where we can celebrate, especially with other women. If you don't have a Cat to your Nat to help support you on your weight loss journey check out our WeightWatchers community at for recipes, support, inspiration and more and for info on WeightWatchers go to and use code CATANDNAT10 for $10 off the first month's national pricing for any plan (except the 1 month membership). 041b061a72


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