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Meera Ka Girdhar Movie: The Story of Meera and Krishna's Love and Devotion

Meera Ka Girdhar Movie Download in Torrent: Is It Legal and Safe?

Meera Ka Girdhar is a 1993 Hindi devotional movie that depicts the love and devotion of Meera, a Rajput princess, towards Lord Krishna. The movie is based on the Hindu mythological story of Meera, who defied the norms of her society and family to follow her spiritual path. The movie is directed by Vijay Deep and stars Upasna Khosla, Viren Mathaan, Himani Shivpuri, Sudhir Dalvi, and Parikshit Sahni.

Meera Ka Girdhar movie download in torrent

Meera Ka Girdhar is a popular movie among the devotees of Lord Krishna and the fans of devotional cinema. Many people want to watch or rewatch this movie online, but they may not find it easily on the mainstream streaming platforms. Some people may resort to downloading the movie from torrent sites, which are websites that allow users to share files through peer-to-peer networks.

But is it legal and safe to download Meera Ka Girdhar movie in torrent? What are the risks involved in torrent downloading? How can you watch Meera Ka Girdhar movie legally and safely online? In this article, we will answer these questions and provide you with some useful tips and resources.

What is Meera Ka Girdhar Movie About?

Before we dive into the topic of torrent downloading, let's first understand what Meera Ka Girdhar movie is about. Here are some details about the plot, cast, and crew of the movie.

The Plot of Meera Ka Girdhar Movie

The movie follows the life of Meera (Upasna Khosla), who is born and brought up in a royal family. Since her childhood, she has a deep love and devotion for Lord Krishna and even considers him as her husband. However, her family does not understand her feelings and forces her to marry Prince Bhojraj (Viren Mathaan) of Chittorgarh.

Meera faces many difficulties in her married life, as her in-laws do not approve of her worshiping Lord Krishna. Her stepmother (Renuka Israni), sister-in-law (Himani Shivpuri), and brother-in-law (Shantanu Chhaparia) create hurdles in her spiritual journey. On the other hand, Prince Bhojraj respects her feelings but falls prey to the conspiracy of his brother-in-law and his henchmen, which leads to his death.

When Meera is forced by her in-laws to commit Sati on Bhojraj's pyre, she refuses as she considers herself as the bride of Lord Krishna. She then leaves Chittorgarh with her friend for Braj, the birthplace of Lord Krishna. After a few years, she returns to Chittorgarh to help the people who are oppressed by her brother-in-law. He tries to kill her several times but fails as Lord Krishna protects her.

Meera realizes that Lord Krishna takes all the sufferings on himself to save her from any harm. She decides to leave Chittorgarh again so that Lord Krishna does not have to bear any pain because of her. She goes to Dwarka, where she merges with Lord Krishna's idol at the age of 95.



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