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Direct Buy Cabinets

From dreamy kitchen inspiration to the nuts & bolts of cabinet installation, our team of kitchen designers and customer care professionals make buying kitchen cabinets online easy as pie. Looking for the best price on your kitchen cabinets? With the Best Price Guarantee, we will not only match the price but beat it, on equivalent-quality all-wood kitchen cabinets.

direct buy cabinets, the largest online retailer of USA manufactured custom kitchen cabinets, makes buying cabinets online easier than ever before. Whether your kitchen calls for cool coastal hues or rustic wood stains, our gallery is chock-full of inspiration!

There are 7 distinct advantages to buying wholesale kitchen cabinets direct from the manufacturer. 1) You are guaranteed high-quality cabinets. 2) Current trends of cabinets are in stock. 3) Samples are available for clients to test in their kitchen. 4) All kitchen cabinets are available at wholesale pricing. 5) The kitchen designers are experts in their field. 6) The e-commerce store is easy to use. 7) If you order before noon, your cabinets will be shipped the next day!

When you purchase wholesale cabinets online, you will be able to provide your client with a unique design that makes the best use of their space. Working directly with manufacturers who make cabinets for contractors means you can offer extras like built-in trash cabinets, plate racks, spice racks, wine racks, and more. These special touches add style and function to every kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet contractors can also find a wider variety of cabinet styles to offer their clients. You can find Shaker-style cabinets or frameless kitchen cabinets to achieve a modern, contemporary, or transitional kitchen design. For the client who wants a more traditional style kitchen, you can show them Tacoma and Cambridge-style kitchen cabinets. These cabinets start with Shaker-style doors and drawers and then add overlays and embellishments for a traditional look.

When kitchen cabinet contractors work with homeowners, it can be a challenge to help them picture what the new kitchen cabinets will look like in their home. You can order a full set of cabinet door samples; if you become a cabinet dealer, you can order an 18-piece set of cabinet door samples for free. These sample doors can support your marketing efforts and demonstrate your commitment to quality to homeowners and homebuilders. Cabinet door samples also help you and the homeowner coordinate the kitchen cabinet color with countertops and flooring choices.

As a contractor, when you order wholesale cabinets directly from the manufacturer, you can save quite a bit of money. Retailers mark-up their kitchen cabinets to build the profit margin between buying from the supplier and selling to the contractor or consumer. When you work with a kitchen cabinet manufacturer that sells directly to contractors, you can take advantage of wholesale pricing. Wholesale pricing is often 40% or more off the regular price of cabinets at a retail store. When you place a bulk order for a larger project, you can save even more by earning free shipping for qualifying orders.

CabinetCorp, you will find wholesale cabinets for contractors built by craftsmen who draw on their own extensive experience with home renovations. CabinetCorp started with a goal to provide valuable information and affordable, quality products, including pre-assembled and ready-to-assemble cabinetry. Our commitment to customer service and quality ensures your satisfaction throughout every phase of your project. All kitchen cabinets come with a limited 5-year warranty.

We worked with Crystal ** on our cabinet project, and although the service was a little slower than we would have liked (but we understand it was a busy time for her), the end result ended up being exactly what we were looking for. She took all our suggestions and made it happen. We are also VERY impressed with the quality available from DirectBuy in regards to product. We had already priced out cabinets at local retailers and we not only got a better product, but Crystal was able to get us a cabinet that matched what we wanted EXACTLY. Thank you!

My purchasing experience with DirectBuy has been excellent and I love using the website. I'm sorry they closed the showroom that was nearest to my home, but I can still get things online. I've bought kitchen cabinets, outdoor furniture and so many other things. The quality of the products has been excellent and the cost in relation to the quality is unmatched. DirectBuy is a very good investment if you have large purchases, plan to do a lot of household things and want to save money. I'm totally pleased with them

It's going pretty well with DirectBuy, where we bought most of our stuff for a bathroom remodel we're doing right now. But the cabinets we ordered from them are a little bit delayed. I was given a name of a person that I needed to work with and I did contact him at the beginning of September and gave him all of my information, what we were looking for and a picture of exactly what we wanted. He responded back quickly as far as giving us dimensions for everything. By the time we went back and forth and delays, we didn't submit the order until September 24th. It was kind of surprising because we pretty much had everything wrapped up within a week from when I first emailed him, which was September 4th. So I would've expected the order be submitted much sooner. We had told him that we were planning on starting the project early to mid-October at the latest and really wanted everything in the house.

For such an investment, you pay less when you buy directly from nearly 700 manufacturers for kitchen cabinets, furniture, flooring, appliances, lawn and garden, sporting equipment, electronics and jewelry. Some popular brands, such as Apple, are not offered. How much less you pay depends on how good of a comparison shopper you are.

KraftMaid cabinetry is available at more than 3,500 retail outlets around the country, but we do not sell cabinets directly from the factory or online. Our retailers will provide the design expertise and service you deserve for this exciting project. For the KraftMaid retailer nearest you, please visit our Find a Retailer page and enter your ZIP code. Top

We offer touch-up material in different forms, such as fill sticks, markers, aerosol cans and quarts of stain to meet a variety of needs. However, since we do not sell direct, this product must be ordered and purchased from a local retailer through their kitchen design department. Top

With the numerous manufacturing sites all over China, it may be costly and time-consuming to go to each one. Visiting notable furniture malls such as Shunde furniture markets in Foshan City is the best option for you. Here, most manufacturers have a sales office, showroom, or warehouse, all with a wide array of designs and materials for you to choose from. Also, there is different price level for you to choose, from the budget kitchen cabinets to high end kitchen cabinets.

The quality of kitchen cabinets has always been an issue for most buyers. Typical quality problems include scratches, uneven colour, substandard finish, and cheap drawer guides. The best way to address a quality issue is to make sure that your supplier has strict product quality enforcement. A sourcing agent in China should help you identify manufacturers worth considering.

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the heart of any home. It's the place where your family and friends gather, for holidays, birthday celebrations, and everyday life, creating memories that last a lifetime. The fact is, the value a custom cabinets renovation adds to your home is well worth it; it not only adds value to your home, but also adds value to your family's quality of life. An updated kitchen, with clean, modern cabinetry makes life easy, freeing you up to enjoy life more fully.

While a renovation involves several aspects, including updating the appliances, flooring, and plumbing, the most noticeable is hands down, the custom kitchen cabinets. While it may be cheaper to repaint or resurface, in the end, the results will be far less than satisfying. Solid wood cabinets are not only highly durable and attractive, but they also add meaningful value to your home and lifestyle. And, they can be surprisingly affordable. Pre-assembled and RTA kitchen cabinets can save you a significant amount of money. That's especially true when you buy factory direct!

When it comes to a kitchen's form and function, ease of use and an aesthetically pleasing environment top the list. And what is more pleasing than a bright, easy to clean kitchen? Gone are the days of heavy, dark wood cabinets; the trend today is clean, white Shaker cabinets that add a bright, modern appeal. Other modern trends include light grey and blue shaker cabinets. When paired with other trends such as a solid, natural stone backsplash and countertop, the results are visually stunning.

Of course, this space must also be functional. The good news is, today's pre-assembled and RTA cabinets are not only roomy, but can include child safety features and conveniences such as soft close hinges for the doors and soft close drawer slides for drawers. The bottom line is, along with your appliances, your cabinets are the most important, functional component of the kitchen. Choosing, a clean, modern design is both smart and affordable.

While traditional DIY cabinets are often imagined in dark wood finishes, lighter colors, such as white, cream, grey, or even blue instantly add a modern touch. While Shaker cabinets date back to the 18th century, their simplicity and functionality are responsible for the current surge in popularity. Simple, white Shaker kitchen cabinets are perfect for the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

When it comes to solid wood kitchen cabinets, the single recessed panel on a Shaker cabinet door doesn't overpower other style elements in your kitchen. While white adds an airy brightness, grey, or even blue, blend well with a more urban aesthetic. 041b061a72


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