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((BETTER)) Freehand Drawing And Discovery: Urban Sketching And Concept Drawing For Designers ((BETTER)) Free 13

So, my dear friends, I have done the hard (ok, not so hard but fairly enjoyable) work of sifting my way through the courses specific to urban sketching and selecting the best (in my humble opinion) few. That way you can get started right away!If you are not yet a member of Skillshare, you can join for free and there will be a few courses available to you (such as my bonus pick at the end of the post) however, to unlock the rest, you will need to upgrade to a Premium account, which at the time of writing is US$15 a month (if you pay monthly).

Freehand Drawing and Discovery: Urban Sketching and Concept Drawing for Designers free 13

When architects and designers study other buildings, analytical sketching enables one to understand through quick diagrams the parti or overarching concept of a building such as its massing, form, organization, and structure. Hand-produced measured drawings, on the other hand, help architects not only verify the existing conditions of a space but they can also be used to study building precedents in the field to learn about specific proportions and details. Perspectival field sketching is another form whereby light and shadow, texture and materials, or ambiance and atmosphere can be studied and captured. The drawings and sketches of architects and designers become evidence of the creative process, but they also serve as future artifacts for the history of architecture. Computer imagery and digital drawings are more difficult for museums and libraries to archive than hand drawn artifacts, explains C. Ford Peatross, curator at the Library of Congress.[12]

In summary, drawing and sketching should not be viewed as a dead practice for architects despite technological advances. It has a rich history stretching back over the centuries and continues to be used as a tool for discovery, observation, and imagination. Sketching and drawing are very much a living practice producing embodied memories and connections between our eyes, mind, and hands. Let us preserve the embodied wisdom found in the process of sketching by thinking with our hands and drawing with our minds.

Introduction to the design process and graphical communications tools used by engineers. Documentation of design through freehand sketching and engineering drawings. Basic descriptive geometry. Computer-aided design as a design tool. Conceptual design projects presented in poster format. Corequisite: MECH 10L. (4 units)


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