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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark

Do our part, hoof to heart! Take the Girl Scout Make Your Mark Challenge with My Little Pony (PDF) to make positive impact in your community. Complete activities and crafting projects to spread friendship and happiness to everypony.

My Little Pony: Make Your Mark


In addition to Zipp Storm being a pegasus pony like her childhood favorite Rainbow Dash, Ramakrishnan also enjoys the prominence that the writers placed on Zipp's intelligence throughout the special. "Zipp has so much to her personality that makes her so strong," says Ramakrishnan. "She's ready to be a detective at any moment; she's super curious. So, yeah, she's like a little superhero."

Even though she's grateful for the Canadian solidarity, Ramakrishnan hopes that the broader themes of sorority and representation that My Little Pony: Make Your Mark espouses can make little girls worldwide feel equally connected. "The show [tackles] these very real issues," says Ramakrishnan, "they do it in such a seamless way that anyone can understand."

As midnight falls, everypony and everybody is asleep until 3:00 AM where Edryna is having trouble sleeping, so she climbs out of bed, leave the bedroom, go downstairs and went to the kitchen. At the kitchen, a gloomy Edryna is worried about Zephyr Heights being attacked by an army of monkeys until she heard a voice calling her in the middle of nowhere, only to find Sofia standing under the light, leaving a terrified Edryna thinking that Sofia is a ghost, but no. Given the fact that Sofia has never heard the name Edryna Alya Ayunee before, all she remembers was Nahwan Nafisah, leaving a shocked Edryna that Sofia knows Nafisah for 60 years now. When a concerned Edryna asks Sofia why is she mad at Nafisah all the time, Sofia said that Nafisah tries to challenge her with reckless stunts since she's the most reckless female daredevil, leaving an open-minded Edryna Alya Ayunee as she and Nafisah are classmates back in Malaysia for 5 years. In addition, she took out her phone and shows Sofia a picture of her and Nafisah as classmates, leaving an aware Sofia. In addition, Sofia mentioned that Cubby admires Nafisah's reckless stunts. Given the fact that Edryna has never heard the name Cubby before, Sofia says that Cubby is Jake's little brother, the youngest of the bunch. To make matters better, Edryna says that the old Disney Junior TV series Jake and the Never Land Pirates looks so phenomenal to her and she cannot wait to meet Cubby one day. 041b061a72


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