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URGENT Send an email and make a call today, please make time. And ask any concerned friends or family to do the same. We are about to lose more freedoms big time because Indiana is not speaking out.

OSHA is pushing the mandates. Its time to fight! Before more good people lose their livelihoods.


Speaker of the house Todd Huston doesn't think enough people are against the vaccine mandate. About 6000 from Stand for Health Freedom have emailed him about the mandates and his team says that is not enough to even get a meeting to talk to him about it. The legislators are counting our emails and calls. They say we need more. There are 6.8 million people in Indiana and only 6000 are speaking up, yet half of the state isn't vaccinated and only 300,000 have taken boosters. We are the majority but we have to get more action.

Please send him an email and call ASAP. Call more than once. Email from more than one account.

Rep Todd Huston

Contact Information

Phone: 317-232-9677

Phone: 1-800-382-9841


Also contact the Senate Pro Tem Rod Bray He makes many decisions for the Senate side



Here's a sample of ideas to say if needed:

"At the last session, the Senate refused to vote on SB74 for employee exemptions, because they claimed Federal protections were enough to guarantee religious exemptions for all employees. Surely that was decided in the Caucus and not just with Senator Boots. Republican claims have proven untrue, and due to Republicans refusing to protect us, many companies are denying religious and medical exemptions and firing employees or putting them on unpaid leave which leads to being fired. Why are Indiana Republicans even supporting turning over our State rights to the Federal government?

I expect Republicans to make it a top priority to pass legislation that guarantees religious and medical exemptions for all employees and stops the discrimination against those who decline the covid vaccine. I also expect a full ban on vaccine passports EVERYWHERE in the state. No business should be able to refuse service based on whether a patron has taken an injection that has a possible side effect of death. Many compare this to wearing a shirt and shoes, but last I knew, wearing a shirt didn't cause blood clots like a covid vaccine can. Wearing shoes doesn't cause instant death or seizures or paralysis like a covid vaccine can. They're not comparable.

Private businesses have rights, but we have laws preventing them from banning people based on race, religion, etc. Stopping them from banning natural humans based on their vaccine status is no different then stopping businesses from banning based on race or religion, especially for people with religious or medical exemptions to vaccines. What's next, banning people who are HIV positive? I thought we already solved that problem years ago with Ryan White. The Children's Museum has an entire room area dedicated to Ryan White. Have the Indiana Republicans forgot his plight with discrimination in Indiana? We have to end this now.

1. Pass a law to guarantee religious and medical exemptions

2. Pass a law to ban all vaccine passports in the state

3. Pass a law to stop discrimination against people based on vaccine status

4. Ensure that a child's lack of vaccination is not considered medical neglect

5. Ensure that parents' vaccine status is not taken into consideration regarding any part of custody

You have to take action. Time is running out.

Also, make sure to meet with your own senator and legislator to tell them how you feel. This can be done virtually if need in most cases.



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