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Freedom 515 - Kentucky

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Lots of caravans around the state will be forming and the Bikers for Trump will be escorting all the caravans at 3pm from Pioneer Park in Independence to the festival grounds!

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TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7 is National Call In To Work Day for ALL careers. This is to show the nation, all the CEOs of businesses that without the workers, they will fold. They need to STOP THE MANDATES NOW!

WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER. It doesn’t matter if you received the vaccine or not, if you enjoy wearing a mask or not. Call in for a mental health day, a sick day, an “oh crap, my coworkers are calling in and I don’t want to be stuck here all alone day”. Without all the workers there, business cannot function. Their doors will have to shut. They think “we will fire you all and just hire the vaccinated”, well how long will the vaccinated work short when we are short staffed as it is, they have been promising to hire more staff for months!

For some- this will be easy, for…


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