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Multistep Product Configurator Nulled Script

Swap the select boxes of a variable product for a wonderful multistep form. You can choose between 4 different modules: Steps, Accordion, Tabs, Vertical Steps. The content for it will be generated from the variations of your variable product. You can also set a custom thumbnail for every attribute. MSCP can be enabled for every variable product separately. Get started and improve the usability in seconds, your customers will be thankful!

multistep product configurator nulled script

A gene feature indicates the location of a heritable region of nucleic acid that confers a measurable phenotype. An mRNA feature on genomic DNA represents the exonic and untranslated regions of the message that remain after transcription and splicing. A coding region (CDS) feature has a product reference to the translated protein.

Muscle contraction and a range of critical cellular functions rely on force-producing interactions between myosin motors and actin filaments, powered by turnover of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). The relationship between release of the ATP hydrolysis product ortophosphate (Pi) from the myosin active site and the force-generating structural change, the power-stroke, remains enigmatic despite its central role in energy transduction. Here, we present a model with multistep Pi-release that unifies current conflicting views while also revealing additional complexities of potential functional importance. The model is based on our evidence from kinetics, molecular modelling and single molecule fluorescence studies of Pi binding outside the active site. It is also consistent with high-speed atomic force microscopy movies of single myosin II molecules without Pi at the active site, showing consecutive snapshots of pre- and post-power stroke conformations. In addition to revealing critical features of energy transduction by actomyosin, the results suggest enzymatic mechanisms of potentially general relevance.

Whereas the study focuses on striated muscle myosin II, our results suggest appreciable similarities with the Pi-release mechanism in other myosins, implying that the mechanism is general over the myosin superfamily. Furthermore, the type of multistep product release found may have roles in the effective operation also of non-motor enzymes.


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