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Prices Of Cartons Of Cigarettes In Pa [REPACK]

Americans spend an average of $6.43 for a cigarette pack. Not all US residents, however, pay the same price to satisfy their smoking habits. New Yorkers, for example, pay double the price paid by those in Missouri. Meaning, smoking two packs per week will cost you circa $1,086 a year in the Empire State. Missourians, by contrast, pay only $455. How much money does an average cigarette pack cost in each state? What is the state with the cheapest cigarettes? Why do some states have more expensive tobacco products? Find all the answers in this guide on cigarette prices by state.

Prices Of Cartons Of Cigarettes In Pa

Scroll down to find where you can get the cheapest cigarettes in the USA. Below, we will list each state from least to most expensive. We will also analyze the cigarette tax for every state and provide approximations on the annual price of smoking two packs a week.

When looking at cigarette costs by state, Alabama won the 14th place with its average price of $5.37 per pack. This state applies a cigarette excise tax of $0.68 per pack, on top of the $0.18 of sales tax. Alabama residents that smoke 40 cigarettes a week spend about $547.74 a year. The Cotton State has one of the highest tobacco use rates of 20.20%.

Cigarette prices in Arizona earned the state the 36th position on our list of states with the cheapest tobacco. A packet here costs $6.92, resulting in total annual costs of $719.68 for those who smoke 40 cigarettes a week. As for cigarette use, only 14.90% of Arizona adults reported indulging in this habit.

Arkansas applies a cigarette excise tax of $1.15 and a sales tax of $0.34 per pack. These two increase the average price of 20 cigarettes in Arkansas to $5.49. So, smokers in Arkansas who smoke about 5.7 cigarettes a day spend $570.96 per year. Despite holding the reasonable 17th position regarding cigarette price by state, Arkansas has a rate of 20.20% adult smokers.

With the price of cigarettes in California being $5.53, Californian smokers spend $575.12 a year on two packets per week. These tobacco expenses place the state in the 20th place in terms of cigarette prices. California also has one of the lowest smoker rates in the US (10%).

The cost of cigarettes in Colorado is $5.26 per pack. If you live in Colorado and smoke two packs weekly, the local cigarette price by state means that you will spend $547.04 on cigarettes a year. In this state, the cigarette use rate is 13.50%.

The cigarette prices in Connecticut place the destination in the top-four most expensive American states for smokers with its average pack cost of $8.91. About 12.1% of adults based here smoke and spend $926.64 on tobacco products a year.

Delaware has an average tobacco use rate among adults of 15.90%. Instead of spending money on cigarettes, Delawareans grow their savings, with the state boasting the highest average retirement savings by state in the nation.

The price of cigarettes in Georgia is $4.92 per pack. This makes Georgia one of the destinations with the cheapest cigarettes by state. This state has respective cigarette excise tax and sales tax of $0.37 and $0.22 per pack. Georgia has a tobacco use rate of 16.3%.

With cigarette prices in Hawaii at $8.99 a packet, the state is the 3rd worst destination for American smokers. If you smoke one carton per five weeks in Hawaii, you will spend $934.96 on cigarettes a year. Not many Hawaiians smoke, however, and the cigarette use rate in the state is only 12.3%.

Cigarette prices in Illinois make this state a bad destination for smokers. A pack costs, on average, $7.56. Meaning, the annual smoking costs for intermittent smokers are $786.24. Among Illinois adults, 14.5% use cigarettes.

With cigarette prices in Indiana being $5.56 per pack, Indiana ranked 22nd for the cheapest cigarette prices in the US. This price is reasonable and contributes to the annual smoking costs of about $578.24 (for 40 cigarettes per week). Indiana has a tobacco use rate of 19.20%.

Iowa belongs in the group of destinations with a reasonable cost of a pack of cigarettes by state. Cigarettes cost $5.83/pack. A person who smokes 40 cigarettes a week in Iowa spends a little over $600 on smoking a year. The cigarette use in the state is, however, as high as 16.4%.

Given the below-average cigarette prices in Iowa, this is an excellent state for smokers. It, however, is not that suitable for businesses, having some of the highest corporate taxes by state in the country.

Kentucky residents pay a reasonable average of $5.36 for a 20-cigarette pack, our cigarette prices by state rundown shows. With this average price, smokers in the state spend about $557 a year if they buy 40 cigarettes per week. The low cigarette prices in Kentucky are among the reasons that this state has the second-highest rate of tobacco use of 23.6%.

Louisiana is one of the states with the cheapest cigarettes in the USA. The Pelican State has a cigarette use rate of 21.9%, and the average price smokers pay here is $5.42 per pack. Smoking 40 cigarettes a week in Louisiana will cost you about $563.68 a year.

The average price of cigarettes in Massachusetts is $9.08, which makes this state a bad destination for those looking for the cheapest cigarettes by state. Those buying two packets every seven days spend $944.32 or so on tobacco products. On the flip side, analysis of the states with the best job market by state shows that Massachusetts ranks first, making it a good destination for both smokers and non-smokers.

With cigarette prices in Michigan being $6.44, people living in the state pay $64.4 for a carton. Michigan residents who smoke two packets within seven days spend almost $670 in 52 weeks. Still, Michigan notes a high tobacco use rate of 18.7%.

Missouri has a cigarette use rate of 19.6% among adults, placing it among the 15 states with the highest rate of smokers. Missourians who smoke two packs a week spend about $455 a year. Residents in this cheapest state to buy cigarettes save double the money than smokers in Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.

Less than 16% (15.7%) of adults in Nevada use cigarettes, placing the state among those with average tobacco use rates. The price of cigarettes in Nevada meanwhile is $8.27 per pack. Those who buy two packets every seven days, annually spend just above $860 on smoking.

New Hampshire has no sales tax and ranks in the upper half of our cigarette prices by state rundown. Only the cigarette excise tax of $1.78 per pack affects the New Hampshire cigarette prices. A carton in this state costs about $58.1 since the average pack price is $5.81. New Hampshire has a 15.9% tobacco use rate.

This destination has unfavorable cigarette prices by state at $7.66. One carton in the Garden State costs about $76.6. These cigarette prices in New Jersey result in yearly smoking expenses of $796.64. Approximately 13.1% of adults living in New Jersey smoke.

Smoking in New Mexico costs $6.53 per packet, $65.3 per carton, and about $679 per year. This places the Land of Enchantment at the 33rd position regarding the cheapest cigarette prices in the US. The cigarette use in New Mexico is at 16%.

With an average price of $4.87, the cost of cigarettes in North Carolina is among the lowest throughout the country. People from this state who smoke about two packs a week spend around $506 a year. The cigarette use rate among adults in North Carolina is 18.5%.

North Dakota ranks high among US locations with the lowest cigarette cost by state. The average cigarette prices in North Dakota move around the $4.82 threshold. So, 17% of adult smokers in the state spend approximately $501.28 annually on two packs per week.

Cigarette prices in Ohio are $6.1 per packet. With this pricing, Ohio residents spend about $636 a year on 40 cigarettes a week. Despite having pricey tobacco, Ohio has one of the highest cigarette use rates of 20.8%.

About 17.3% of adults in Pennsylvania use cigarettes, meaning the state comes somewhere in the middle compared to the rest. Smokers in the state deal with Pennsylvania cigarettes prices of $8.27 a packet. Calculations based on cigarette prices by state show that smoking 5.7 cigarettes a day in the state costs residents $860 annually.

Cigarette prices in South Carolina stand at a reasonable $5.05 per pack. This means that anyone who buys two packs weekly will spend $525.2 yearly on smoking. South Carolina is one of the states with tobacco use rates among adults of 17.50%.

With South Dakota cigarette prices around $6.01, according to data on cigarette prices by state, local residents spend $625 or so on smoking per year. South Dakota has a cigarette use rate among adults of a considerable 18.30%.

Tennessee is among the top 10 states with the highest tobacco use rate (19.9%) in the US and the top 10 list of states with the cheapest cigarettes. Cigarette prices in Tennessee show that one pack in the state is $5.10, resulting in average annual smoking costs of $530. This approximate applies only to Tennesseans that smoke two packs weekly.

The cigarette use rate in Texas is 14.7%, placing this state in the better half. The situation is similar to the cost of cigarettes in Texas because the state ranks as the 23rd best destination for smokers. With an average pack being $5.78, Texans spend about $601.12 a year on their smoking habit.

Utah is a fantastic state in many regards. West Valley City, for instance, is one of the best, if not the best place for flipping houses in America. Plus, the state has the lowest tobacco use rate of only 7.90%. When it comes to cigarette costs by state, however, Utah could do better. With a total state tax of $2.06 per packet, Utahns pay about $6.43 for 20 cigarettes. Smoking two packs a week costs them over $668.72 a year.

Virginia holds the second place on our list of tobacco prices by state. The average cigarette prices in Virginia are under $5 or, more precisely, $4.78. Meaning, a carton in this state is $47.8, while the annual cost of smoking two packs a week is $497. Virginia has an average cigarette use rate of 14%.


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