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Paranoia Agent Torrent English Dub

The days of widespread piracy have passed, but there are plenty of torrents of series that are released for download before they appear on regular DVD or Blu-ray. Some of the most popular of these are listed here to find out what they are. This list is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what goes up on these torrent sites, not a fully comprehensive list (I checked the site between 7am and 7pm EST a few days before the release date.)

paranoia agent torrent english dub

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (aka Fuhquake in Japan) launched in Japanese theaters in 1988. Its been available in English on streaming services like Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Netflix ever since. Its terrific, and considered by a lot of people as the best space opera anime ever. Its not just space opera though - its a fascinating look at the relationship between humans and machines, political power struggles, and cultural differences.

There is a link in the first post where I discussed some recent new releases. The anime was released uncut and uncensored in English, but its not that easy to get ahold of. I posted about it in the Transformers discussion on Fett Forums too, and not to be discouraged, apparently at least one English fan has acquired a few copies and is selling them online. Its out there, although at $45 or $50, its an expense not everyone is willing to take on.

Here are a few series that have been accidentally uploaded to and are available to download on the site (though they have not been officially released yet). They usually get posted there around three weeks or a month before any official English release. They vary wildly in quality.


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