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Buy Gucci Clothes

The well-known luxury brand has moved away from its roots as strictly a men's accessories line to include women's apparel, accessories, jewelry, shoes, and other products. Gucci now offers ready-to-wear clothes for men and women, including jeans, t-shirts, and sportswear, plus the sell body care products and more.

buy gucci clothes

It is all part of the "Mr. Big" mentality, the waters parting when I walk into the New York store on Fifth Avenue and 56th, the smile of the normally very depressed security guard at the front who knows where I am heading, up the sleek stairs to the temple of the men's department on the second floor, an ooze of sensual darkness in the gauzy lights. The other sales associates know who I am; I hear reverent whispers of "Mr. Bissinger." The Divine Stylist, born in Iran and given her wonderfully fiery temperament, would do a sushi on them if they gave any remote indication of encroachment. The clothes hang like fantastic sex toys, but at this point I no longer bother with that. I am taken to a space at the back, away from the scrum that buys sunglasses and sneakers with the GG logo. I sit on a couch and sip prosecco in a fluted glass while the Divine Stylist gathers up clothing she thinks I might like or items we have already discussed (she immediately texts me with a picture whenever something hot comes in). Much of the time I don't come into the store at all, and clothing is delivered to my home. "You got two big bos," my wife says. "I'm going to send most of it back," I say.

I see a crinkled leather jacket with a shearling collar. I try it once, then twice. It is growing on me, a sexy blend of masculine and feminine, but I beg off. The same with a coat made of Persian lamb's wool that is probably the most spectacular piece of the collection. I want it, but I am not wearing the right clothes to get any feel for it. (It isn't until I am back in Philadelphia that I buy it; it costs $22,500, a new Gucci record for me.)

I am taken back to an earlier moment in my life when I stood in front of mirrors at Brooks Brothers on 44th and Madison in New York. I was a preadolescent, pimples and early pubic hair, looking at myself with mystery as I tried on the khakis my mother had selected: two sizes too big so they would last longer than a year, since much to her disappointment, I was still growing. Combined with the billowing Brooks Brothers button-down in style back then, I was all set to sail, with my clothes as the sail. It was the preppy look that most of my friends wore. I fit in because I did not have the courage not to fit in, and the look was only accentuated when I went to Andover, ready at that point to equip a three-masted schooner.

I remained steadfast in my Brooks Brothers uniform, except for the time my father took me to a wholesale-clothing store. There was good quality at good prices, probably because there was no hint of ambience, just racks of clothes where size was a game of chance. But I felt like I was in a New Orleans whorehouse, colors and bright checks serving as my hookers. My dad bought me a sculpted jacket with an intricate pattern of orange and black, and a pair of pants in the same colors that fit tight.

That is when the purchase of clothing intensified beyond all measure. The clothes became icons of aphrodisiac, a way of substituting for the continued fear of being someone and something different from whom I was supposed to be. The eternally preppy boy in the button-down shirt.

The epitome of luxury fashion, Gucci has been synonymous with style and innovation since its founding by Guccio Gucci in 1921. The brand's kids designer collection takes inspiration from its adult line, offering eye-catching designs, elegant pieces, and iconic logos. From cozy sweaters to stylish dresses, shoes, t-shirts, and joggers, the Gucci kids range features the recognizable interlocking GG logo, bar-and-bit belt buckle, and famous Gucci stripes. Shop the latest collection of Gucci designer clothes for kids.

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