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Denis Behr Handcrafted Card Magic Pdf 11

In July 2006, Arnaud Chevrier published (on a French private forum) an idea with Mnemonica where the magician would cut to 4 kings with a series of swing cuts. Upon revealing the 4 produced cards, people realise the cards are not kings; the magician missed.

denis behr handcrafted card magic pdf 11

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1) New book contents*. Send in new table of contents listings that are not included here. See the "How to Submit" tab above for info, or just take a clear & readable photo of the cover, the copyright page, and the table of contents pages of your books and send them to me at: magicref (at) 2) Added Descriptions: Send me updates/corrections to existing listings. Some listings below only list the content, with no description of the effect. Even a description as short as "card trick" or "coin trick" is helpful as it is often difficult to tell what kind of trick a particular effect is just from the title. 3) Book Cover Images: Some listings are missing book cover images or are of poor quality. If you have one of the books that are missing a cover image, a scan or a digital photo would be most helpful! 4) Updates/Corrections: Finally, if you see errors or have missing information (copyright date, illustrator, etc.) that can make any of the existing contents listings even better, that is appreciated as well.


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