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Buy Lm4 Rifle

The rifle came equipped with one 35-round steel magazine, which is identical to the Galil magazine. A nylon 35-round magazine was also available at that time along with a 50-round magazine. The 50-round magazine provides an impressive amount of firepower but its long length prevents its use with the bipod when shooting from the prone position. Another option was tritium night sights. The rear consisted of two dots and the front was a vertical bar. These sights were easy to install and were very bright. They were invaluable at night and could be folded down when not in use. Oddly, the other optional item that had to be purchased separately was a cleaning kit. The kit came in a canvas roll and included all the normal components one would find with one exception: the kit contained a broken shell extractor. Again, some forethought went with this choice. Taking into consideration that a broken shell could render the rifle useless in a tight situation, and the vast distances one would have to travel to remedy this occurrence, this tool gave the farmer or rancher a quick fix that he could do in a few minutes.

buy lm4 rifle

The LM4 is a very reliable rifle being able to shoot all types of 5.56mm ammunition with no malfunctions. The trigger is the typical Kalashnikov type that one would encounter in any of the variants and is noted for a great amount of creep. Some say that this creepy trigger affects accuracy, but you must remember that this is a battle rifle and the accuracy it achieves is more than adequate for fighting in the bush.

The LM4 has a pillar-type adjustable front sight and a flip-type rear sight. The low setting is for 0 to 300 meters and the high setting is for 300 to 500 meters. The night sights are set for 100 meters. The recoil produced by the 5.56 round is negligible and therefore it is a very comfortable rifle to shoot.

Very little information is available regarding this rifle as ARMSCOR was more concerned about security than commercial sales. The LM4 is a fine rifle that was very well made and reliable, but was rarely encountered outside of South Africa. Unfortunately, because of the drastic political changes in South Africa, this rifle is no longer in production and examples are extremely rare.

The Vektor R4 is a 5.5645mm assault rifle designed in 1979 based on the IMI Galil rifle.[6] It entered service as the standard service rifle of the South African Defence Force (SADF) in 1980.[1] The R4 replaced the R1, a variant of the 7.6251mm FN FAL. It was produced by Lyttelton Engineering Works (LIW, "Lyttelton Ingenieurswerke"), now Denel Land Systems.

The weapon is a licensed variant of the Israeli IMI Galil assault rifle[7][8] with several modifications; both the stock and magazine are now made of a high-strength polymer and the stock was lengthened, adapting the weapon for the average South African soldier.[7] Other detailed differences include the R4's lack of a carry handle and a number of improvements made to its internal operating mechanism.[6]

The R4 is fed from a synthetic box magazine with a 35-round cartridge capacity (designed to use the 5.5645mm NATO cartridge with the M193 projectile) loaded in a staggered configuration. During the 1980s South African troops were issued with one 50-round magazine as well. The flash suppressor is slotted and doubles as an adapter for launching rifle grenades. Bolted to a bracket in the gas block, under the barrel, is a lightweight folding bipod (folds into the handguard), which includes a wire cutter in the hinge.[7]

The R4 has a side-folding tubular stock, which folds to the right side of the receiver. The rifle's handguard, pistol grip, magazine, stock arms and shoulder pad are all made from a synthetic material, making it lighter in weight than the equivalent original Galil model which uses heavier metal and wood in these components.

The rifle has conventional iron sights that consist of a front post and a flip-up rear sight with 300 and 500 m apertures. The front sight is adjustable for windage and elevation and is installed in a durable circular shroud. The rear sight is welded at the end of the receiver's dust cover. For nighttime use, the R4 is equipped with self-luminous tritium light dots (exposed after placing the rear sight in an intermediate position) installed in a pivoting bar to the front sight base, which folds up in front of the standard post and aligns with two dots in the rear sight notch.

The South African Navy, South African Air Force, South African Military Health Service, and South African Police Service adopted a short carbine version of the 5.56 mm Galil SAR, which was license-manufactured as the R5. The R5, when compared to the larger R4, has a barrel that is 130 millimetres (5.1 in) shorter, together with a shorter gas system and handguard. It also lacks a bipod, and the flash hider does not support rifle grenades.

LIW/DLS also introduced a line of semi-automatic variants of the R4, R5 and R6 called the LM4, LM5 and LM6 respectively, built for civilian and law enforcement users. The rifles were marketed by Musgrave, with the joint venture between the Lyttelton and Musgrave conferring the rifle's "LM" prefix.

The KWA LM4 feels extremely solid and well built. It is balanced very similar the real AR-15 weapon platforms. When I pick up the LM4, it feels just like my AR-15. Just like other brands of gas blowback rifles, the LM4 operates similarly to the real AR-15. The operator has to charge the rifle in order to load a round into the chamber. The LM4 is an open bolt design, which adds realism to the rifle. Unlike traditional AEGs which have a wider pistol grip, the pistol grip on the LM4 actually has the same dimensions as the real AR-15 A2 grip.

I am impressed with the craftsmanship and the quality of the LM4. It is obvious why KWA would label this gun as the Professional Training Rifle. The entire gun is constructed with metal, with the exception of the hand guard, pistol grip, and the butt stock. The bolt, trigger group and the magazine catch are constructed of high quality steel. The rifle is a little bit over 7 pounds, which is extremely accurate to a real AR-15/M4 weapon system. KWA is no stranger when it comes to manufacturing of training weapons for law enforcement and military personnel. This is because their products look, feel, and operate just like their real firearms counter parts.

The metal outer barrel on the KWA LM4 is a government profile M4 barrel. It has an A-frame (triangle) front sight post pinned onto the barrel. Underneath the A-Frame front sight lies a front sling mount. The LM4 has a standard orange A2 style flash hider on the barrel, which is compliant with the United States Federal Law. Standard M4 plastic hand guard wraps around the barrel, but when I removed the top half, there is an imitation gas tube. This tells me that KWA did not leave small details out when putting this rifle together. I can start to see why military and law enforcement, especially federal law enforcement agencies show extremely interest in the KWA LM4 and use it as their official training weapon.

KWA installed an ambidextrous rear sling plate between the buffer tube and the lower receiver. This feature is an excellent addition because normally, the sling plate is extra on a standard rifle. The LM4 is equipped with a 6 position retractable stock, which is the standard for all airsoft guns on the market at the moment. There are also 2 sling attachment point on the LE Stock, for your 2 point and 3 point slings.

The field strip procedure of the KWA LM4 is exactly the same as my real AR-15 weapon system, with the exception of removing the charging handle. I field stripped the rifle like I would on my real AR-15 weapon system. First, I removed the magazine, and then visually and physically inspected the chamber to ensure it was empty. After making sure the bolt was forward, I put the LM4 selector on safe, and punched out the rear body pin. The upper receiver pivots downward, exposing the charging handle and the bolt carrier group. With the bolt carrier group and charging handle removed, I punched out the front body pin, completely separating the lower and upper receiver. From there, I began to examine the internal parts of the LM4.

KWA has definitely set a new standard and brought the airsoft industry to the next level by producing this amazing rifle. The LM4 is extremely realistic compared to the real AR-15 platform. However, as good as this gun proved itself to be; there is always room for improvement. Since KWA is calling this gun the Professional Training Rifle, KWA should definitely improve the bolt catch and the trigger. Other than the bolt catch and the trigger issue, this gun is definitely a great addition to collectors, chairsofter, or professional airsofters. It is ultra reliable, durable, and very consistent, even in cold weather conditions. I am Andrew, check out the KWA LM4 P.T.R. at, and get out and play airsoft!

Trigger Pull: The trigger pull on the KWA LM4 KR7 PTR Full Metal GBB Airsoft Rifles is exactly what you would expect on an AR style rifle. You are required to pull the charging handle back for the first shot which draws the bolt back and chambers a round. The single action trigger has very little take up and a light crisp release. Of course if you select full auto mode all you need to do is hold down the trigger until the magazine is empty!

Build Quality: This airsoft rifles is about as good as it gets in terms of build quality. It has an aluminum metal receiver and reinforced steel bolts. Fit and finishes is excellent, everything just looks and feels great.

Realism: The KWA LM4 KR7 not only looks the part but operates as close as you are going to get to the real steel version in an airsoft rifle. You can even interchange the stock, grips, trigger guard with MilSpec components and the same goes for the rails, all MilSpec ready. I want to mention the blowback recoil again because it is truly awesome on this rifle! 041b061a72


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