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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

Filemaker Pro Advanced: Filemaker Pro 18 License Key Download

Along with FileMaker User Licensing, Concurrent Connection Licensing and Site Licensing continue to be available and have been updated. The new license program brings simplicity, the biggest being that FileMaker Pro has been replaced with FileMaker Pro Advanced for all users. For those who currently have a FileMaker License contract, you will automatically update to the new licensing programs and will be receiving the new FileMaker User Licensing download links, license keys, and new FileMaker License Certificate for FileMaker Server installations via email.

Filemaker Pro Advanced: Filemaker Pro 18 License key Download


You will need to download and install the FileMaker License Certificate for each FileMaker Server when installing or changing the number of users licensed vs entering in a new license key as in the past. So remember to also download the FileMaker License Certificate which is an encrypted form of the Customer FileMaker License Agreement from the Electronic Software Download (ESD) page when preparing to install FileMaker Server.


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