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One Piece (Dub) Episode 896

One Piece has released a new batch of English dubbed episodes! Ever since the dub officially made its big return to production back in 2019, fans have been enjoying seeing the series continue. With the release of the Punk Hazard arc finally wrapped, the dub release of the series has taken its first real steps into one of the longest arcs of the dub to date. The Dressrosa arc has introduced Luffy and the other Straw Hats to one of their deadliest foes to date, Donquixote Doflamingo, so now fans of the dub can check it out for themselves.

One Piece (Dub) Episode 896

Funimation has announced that the new batch of English dubbed episodes for One Piece are already now available on digital storefronts such as Microsoft Movies & TV. This newest batch is Season 11 Voyage 4, which covers Episodes 668 through 680 of the original anime series. For fans hoping to stream these new episodes, they'll be available on FunimationNOW starting on March 9th.

Unfortunately there was no official date given for the home video release of this particular batch of episodes just yet, but Funimation's official announcement confirms they will be getting a physical release in the future. As for fans hoping to stream the previous voyage of episodes (which covers Episodes 655 through 667), those are now available to stream with Funimation as of today.

Episodes 668-680 of the original anime series primarily concern themselves with the end of the tournament in the Corrida Colosseum to determine who gets to have the Flame-Flame Fruit. Luffy has taken on a disguise and entered the tournament in order to get his brother's fruit, but there are a ton of powerful opponents who stand in his way as fans had seen with the previous release of episodes.

But what do you think of it all? Are you excited for the next wave of English dubbed episodes for the series? How are you enjoying One Piece's english dub run so far? Excited to see how the Dressrosa arc continues in these episodes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

Although there are a lot of websites that offer the live streaming of One Piece, there are location problems of copyright issues. Luckily, Hulu has acquired the streaming rights from the Japanese anime studio. One can subscribe to Hulu library at $7.99 per month and can stream all the episodes in One Piece series. There are both the dubbed and subbed version of the show available on Hulu, and it can be integrated with any of the streaming devices.

Luffy and his star hats are facing serious trouble against the bounty hunters of Cidre. It is said that Cidre is one of the greatest bounty hunters and is looking at the 1.5 billion Bellies bounty on Luffy. The previous One Piece episode ended on a cliffhanger as Luffy was poisoned at the end.

What we can surely say is that Luffy and Zoro will survive the next episode as he will be the main star of the One Piece: Stampede movie being released in Japan on August 9. Zoro will help Luffy to heal him from the poison and together they will face off against their common enemy, Wano and his hunters.

No, Crunchyroll only has episodes of the One Piece anime series in the English sub version or the original Japanese audio. Crunchyroll is the best platform to watch the latest episode of One Piece every Sunday, but those who wish to watch the English dub version should jump to the other official platforms like Funimation.

One Piece began airing in October 1999 and is still ongoing in both anime and manga. There are 1058 chapters as of August 2022 and 1031 episodes. Currently, the story has concluded one of its most hyped arcs, the Wano Arc.

Funimation has most One Piece episodes in English dub. Fans who desire to watch One Piece in English can proceed over Funimation. On the other hand, Hulu also has episodes of the first three One Piece arcs in English dub. So, if you are a beginner and want to start One Piece anime, then you can also choose Hulu for the time being.

Maybe in the future, we will get more episodes in the English language, but right now, fans can watch the One Piece English dub up to Episode 830. Remember, only Funimation has the license to translate episodes into the English language.

All One Piece episodes are available on Funimation (US & Canada) in the English sub. However, the latest 15 episodes are always under the premium section. It means to watch the latest episodes of One Piece, fans either have to purchase the premium subscription of Funimation or directly jump on to Crunchyroll to watch it with ads.

As of August 2022, we can watch up to One Piece Episode 830 on Funimation. But the most important part is only the first 430 episodes are under ad-support format. After that, you must pay for a Premium subscription to watch One Piece in English.

Hulu is known for the diverse range of content it offers for streaming, which also includes anime. Therefore, Hulu offers you to watch One Piece in its top quality hassle-free. However, not all episodes are available in the English Dub version. If you wish to watch the English Sub version of One Piece, Hulu is the best site for you. The current status of the series on Hulu is as follows:

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