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What we love most about the best apps for hiking trails is the quick access to the trail information. Things we want to know right off the bat, like trail length, difficulty, elevation, time, and are they easily accessible. All the pertinent information is right at your fingertips.

Love On The Top Download

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If you are like us, we love knowing how we did on our hike. So using a hike tracking app lets us know your performance, the exact trails we took, how many miles we have completed, how fast we hiked, which elevation we gained, and more.

One thing we like about using Google Maps is it mostly does a great job leading us to the trailhead to start our actual hike. You can even download free offline maps to find your location. These maps are not as complex as other apps for hiking. But it is still nice to have a backup map of the area.

Spyglass is by far the most advanced GPS navigation app on the list. It is a gem for outdoor lovers who want to learn more about how to use the sun, moon, and stars to navigate, and how to track wildlife. Overall, you will get excellent navigation toolkits for survival in the wild.

If you plan on hiking in areas with limited to no cell service (which is most likely the case), you may want to think about upgrading to the paid version of Cairn to find cell coverage on the trail and stay in contact with your loved ones. In case of an emergency, they will also be able to track your location and send a search and rescue team.

If the mountains are calling, then download Peak Finder. Peak Finder is very similar to the above Peak Visor app. Both hiking apps help identify nearby mountains. It is pretty incredible how it is able to pinpoint the name of the exact mountain you are looking at.

We were so happy when we finally realized there was an app just for the National Park Service. Being National Park geeks and travelers, we love the wealth of information this app provides for each park.

To download an offline map on AllTrails, you will want to open the app, find the desired hiking trail, click on it, tap on the download button, choose which type of offline map you want, and wait for it to download. Once it is downloaded, you can open it at any time.

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