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How Neill Torvald Became a Dragon Rider in Dragon God (The First Dragon Rider Book 1) Ebook Rar

Dragon God (The First Dragon Rider Book 1) Ebook Rar

If you are looking for a thrilling fantasy adventure with dragons, magic, and romance, you might want to check out Dragon God, the first book in The First Dragon Rider series by Ava Richardson. This ebook is available in Kindle format and can be downloaded as a rar file for easy storage and transfer. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what Dragon God is about, who is the author, why you should read it, and what are some of the main features of the story.

Dragon God (The First Dragon Rider Book 1) Ebook Rar


What is Dragon God about?

Dragon God is a young adult fantasy novel that follows the journey of Neill Torvald, a young man who is sent by his father, a warlord, to learn arcane magic from the monks of the Draconis Order. His father hopes that Neill will use his newfound skills to help him conquer more lands and secure his power. However, Neill soon discovers that there is more to the Draconis Order than meets the eye. He meets Char, a mysterious girl who has raised a dragon named Paxala since she was an egg. Together, they uncover a dark secret within the ranks of the monks, and face a deadly attack from Neill's brothers, who are impatient to seize power. Neill must decide where his loyalties lie: with his father's domain, or with his new friends in the wider world.

Who is the author of Dragon God?

The author of Dragon God is Ava Richardson, a prolific writer of young adult fantasy books. She has written over 90 books, most of them featuring dragons and their riders. Some of her popular series include The Return of the Darkening, The Alveria Dragon Akademy, The Last Pendragon, and The Stone Crown. She grew up reading fantasy and science fiction books from her two big brothers, and developed a love for dragons and magical worlds. She writes epic stories with lovable characters, intricate plots, and fast-paced action.

Why should you read Dragon God?

You should read Dragon God if you enjoy:

  • Fantasy stories with dragons and magic

  • Young adult novels with romance and adventure

  • Epic tales with complex characters and themes

  • Kindle ebooks that are easy to download and read

Dragon God has received many positive reviews from readers who praised its engaging plot, likable characters, vivid descriptions, and emotional depth. It has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on, and a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating on It is also part of a trilogy, so you can continue reading more about Neill, Char, Paxala, and their world in the next two books: Dragon Dreams and Dragon Mage.

Main Body

The plot of Dragon God

Neill's mission and challenges

The story begins with Neill Torvald, a young man who is the illegitimate son of a warlord named Torvald. He lives in a harsh and violent world, where his father rules over a large territory with an iron fist. Neill has always felt like an outsider, as he is not accepted by his father's legitimate sons, nor by the people he is supposed to rule over. He longs for a different life, where he can explore the world and learn new things.

His chance comes when his father sends him on a secret mission to join the Draconis Order, a mysterious group of monks who are said to possess arcane magic. His father hopes that Neill will learn their secrets and use them to help him expand his domain and crush his enemies. Neill agrees to go, hoping to prove himself to his father and escape his brothers' cruelty.

However, Neill soon realizes that his mission is not as easy as he thought. On his way to the monastery, he is attacked by bandits and nearly killed. He is saved by Jodreth, a wise and kind monk who belongs to the Draconis Order. Jodreth warns him that the monastery is not a safe place, and that he will face many trials and dangers there. He also tells him that the Draconis Order is not what it seems, and that there is a hidden evil within its ranks.

Char's secrets and friendship

When Neill arrives at the monastery, he meets Char, a beautiful and mysterious girl who is also a student of the Draconis Order. She is different from the other students, as she does not wear the traditional robes, nor does she follow the strict rules. She is also very secretive about her past and her motives. She has a special bond with a dragon named Paxala, whom she has raised since she was an egg. Paxala lives in a hidden cave near the monastery, and Char visits her often.

Char senses that Neill is not like the other students, either. She sees that he has a good heart and a curious mind, and that he does not fit in with his father's warlord ways. She decides to befriend him, and takes him to meet Paxala. The three of them become fast friends, and share many adventures together. They also learn arcane magic from the monks, which involves manipulating the elements of fire, water, earth, and air.

However, Char also has a dark secret that she keeps from Neill. She knows that there is a traitor among the monks, who is plotting to unleash an ancient evil that will destroy the world. She also knows that she has a special role to play in stopping this evil, but she does not know what it is. She fears that if she tells Neill the truth, he will turn against her or get hurt.

The attack on the monastery and the aftermath

The plot thickens when Neill's brothers grow impatient and decide to attack the monastery in order to seize power from their father. They lead an army of soldiers and mercenaries, and storm the gates of the sacred halls. They kill many monks and students, and set fire to the buildings. They also capture Neill and Char, and torture them for information.

Meanwhile, Paxala senses that her friends are in danger, and flies to their rescue. She fights off the attackers with her fire breath and claws, and frees Neill and Char from their captors. They then join forces with Jodreth and some other survivors, and try to escape from the burning monastery.

However, they soon discover that the attack was not just a random act of violence. It was part of a larger scheme orchestrated by the traitor monk, who has been working with an ancient evil known as the Dragon God. The Dragon God is a powerful entity that once ruled over all dragons and humans, but was defeated and sealed away by the first dragon riders. The traitor monk has found a way to break the seal and release the Dragon God from his prison.

The Dragon God emerges from his lair, and unleashes his wrath upon the world. He commands all dragons to obey him, and turns them against their human friends. He also seeks to destroy all life on earth, and create a new world in his image.

Here is the rest of the article with HTML formatting: The characters of Dragon God

Neill Torvald: the reluctant hero

Neill Torvald is the main protagonist of Dragon God. He is a young man who is torn between his duty to his father and his desire for freedom. He is brave, loyal, and compassionate, but also insecure, naive, and conflicted. He has a natural talent for magic, but he does not know how to use it properly. He is attracted to Char, but he is afraid of losing her or hurting her. He wants to make his father proud, but he also wants to do what is right. He faces many challenges and dangers throughout the story, and he grows as a person and a leader.

Char: the mysterious dragon keeper

Char is the main female character of Dragon God. She is a beautiful and mysterious girl who has a special bond with Paxala, a dragon she has raised since she was an egg. She is smart, strong, and independent, but also secretive, lonely, and troubled. She has a dark past that haunts her, and a hidden destiny that awaits her. She is drawn to Neill, but she is afraid of revealing her secrets or fulfilling her role. She knows more than she lets on about the Draconis Order and the Dragon God, and she plays a crucial part in the fate of the world.

Paxala: the loyal dragon

Paxala is the dragon companion of Char and Neill. She is a young and playful dragon who loves to fly and explore. She is loyal, friendly, and curious, but also fierce, protective, and powerful. She has a deep connection with Char, who saved her from being killed by hunters when she was an egg. She also forms a friendship with Neill, who treats her with respect and kindness. She helps them in their adventures and battles, and shows them the wonders of the dragon world. She also faces a difficult choice when the Dragon God tries to control her mind.

Jodreth: the wise monk

Jodreth is a monk of the Draconis Order who becomes a mentor and a friend to Neill. He is an old and wise man who knows a lot about magic, history, and dragons. He is kind, gentle, and humble, but also brave, loyal, and determined. He saves Neill's life when he is attacked by bandits, and teaches him the basics of arcane magic. He also warns him about the dangers and secrets of the Draconis Order, and helps him escape from the attack on the monastery. He joins Neill, Char, Paxala, and some other survivors in their quest to stop the Dragon God.

The themes of Dragon God

Loyalty and betrayal

One of the main themes of Dragon God is loyalty and betrayal. The story explores how different characters choose to be loyal or betray their friends, family, or ideals. For example:

  • Neill must choose between being loyal to his father's domain or betraying him for his new friends.

  • Char must choose between being loyal to her destiny or betraying it for her love.

  • Paxala must choose between being loyal to her kind or betraying them for her bond.

  • Jodreth must choose between being loyal to his order or betraying it for his conscience.

  • The traitor monk must choose between being loyal to his god or betraying him for his ambition.

The story shows how loyalty and betrayal can have positive or negative consequences for the characters and the world.

Magic and power

Another theme of Dragon God is magic and power. The story explores how different characters use or abuse magic and power for good or evil purposes. For example:

  • Neill learns to use magic for protection and healing.

  • Char learns to use magic for communication and connection.

  • Paxala learns to use magic for flight and fire.

  • Jodreth learns to use magic for wisdom and guidance.

  • The traitor monk learns to use magic for destruction and domination.

The story shows how magic and power can be a blessing or a curse for the characters and the world.

Love and friendship

A third theme of Dragon God is love and friendship. The story explores how different characters develop or destroy love and friendship with each other. For example:

  • Neill and Char fall in love with each other, but face many obstacles and dangers.

  • Char and Paxala share a friendship that transcends species and language.

  • Neill and Paxala form a friendship that bridges human and dragon cultures.

  • Jodreth and Neill form a friendship that spans generations and backgrounds.

  • The traitor monk destroys his friendship with Jodreth and the other monks.

The story shows how love and friendship can be a source of strength or weakness for the characters and the world.


Summary of the main points

In conclusion, Dragon God is a captivating fantasy novel that tells the story of Neill, Char, Paxala, Jodreth, and their quest to stop the Dragon God from destroying the world. It is the first book in The First Dragon Rider series by Ava Richardson, a talented author of young adult fantasy books. It is a Kindle ebook that can be downloaded as a rar file for easy storage and transfer. It has many features that make it an enjoyable and worthwhile read, such as:

  • An engaging plot with twists and turns

  • Likable characters with complex personalities

  • Vivid descriptions with rich details

  • Emotional depth with humor and romance

  • Relevant themes with meaningful messages

Recommendation and rating

We highly recommend Dragon God to anyone who loves fantasy stories with dragons, magic, and adventure. We think it is a great book for young adults, but also for older readers who enjoy epic tales with lovable characters. We give it a 5 out of 5 stars rating, and we look forward to reading the next two books in the series: Dragon Dreams and Dragon Mage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Dragon God:

  • How can I download Dragon God as an ebook rar file?

You can download Dragon God as an ebook rar file from various online sources, such as,, or You will need a Kindle device or app to read it, and a rar extractor software to open it.

  • Who are the first dragon riders?

The first dragon riders were a group of legendary heroes who lived thousands of years ago. They were able to bond with dragons and use their magic to fight against the Dragon God. They managed to seal him away in a hidden lair, but at a great cost. Their legacy lives on in the Draconis Order, who claim to be their descendants.

  • What are the elements of arcane magic?

The elements of arcane magic are fire, water, earth, and air. They represent the four basic forces of nature that can be manipulated by magic users. Each element has its own properties, strengths, and weaknesses. For example, fire is hot, bright, and destructive; water is cold, fluid, and adaptable; earth is solid, stable, and resilient; air is invisible, light, and swift.

  • What are the types of dragons in Dragon God?

There are many types of dragons in Dragon God, each with its own appearance, abilities, and personality. Some of the types are:

  • Fire dragons: red-scaled dragons that breathe fire and live in volcanic regions.

  • Water dragons: blue-scaled dragons that breathe water and live in aquatic regions.

  • Earth dragons: green-scaled dragons that breathe earth and live in forest regions.

  • Air dragons: white-scaled dragons that breathe air and live in sky regions.

  • Metal dragons: silver-scaled dragons that breathe metal and live in mountain regions.

  • Lightning dragons: yellow-scaled dragons that breathe lightning and live in storm regions.

  • What is the difference between Dragon God and Dragon Dreams?

Dragon God is the first book in The First Dragon Rider series, while Dragon Dreams is the second book. Dragon God introduces the main characters, setting, conflict, and themes of the series. Dragon Dreams continues the story of Neill, Char, Paxala, Jodreth, and their allies as they face new enemies, challenges, and revelations. It also introduces new characters, locations, magic, and dragons.



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