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Axel Cox

Ultimate Spiderman Skin Mod Pack

The skin is one of few that alter the visual aesthetic of the game, altering Miles' look to resemble the style of the ultimate series. This Miles is smaller and skinnier, while having a distinct animated design that alters the shading and colours of the suit.

ultimate spiderman skin mod pack

The suit is casual, as it's simply a modified version of the classic suit with a sweatshirt on top. However, the skin actually features Spider-Man as a bonus feature, as the masked cat often pops out of Miles' backpack and scratching Miles' opponents.

Updated October 23, 2021 by Russ Boswell: Risk of Rain 2 continues to innovate and expand, thanks to its dedicated team of developers. Players were recently greeted by the Survivors of the Void expansion, which brought two new characters with it. This pack marks the first expansion pack to grace the series, adding more content to the already expansive, looping adventure. As expected, modders were already hard at work trying to tweak new game elements and characters. Those looking for Risk of Rain 2 character mods will appreciate the work that modders put into tweaking the skins and providing all-new characters. To better showcase some of the most recent offerings, the following list has been updated with more entries.

There isn't much especially altering floating around for Railgunner yet, but there are modders that have tweaked the character's initial skins a bit, adding new flavor and flair to them. This dual skin pack from RetroInspired makes small tweaks and detail changes to Railgunner, to great effect. Those looking for something different for their powerful sniper can deck them out in a hoodless getup with night vision goggles. 350c69d7ab


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