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The Top 10 Skateboard Events and Competitions in Baku

A Halifax, Nova Scotia skateboard video. Featuring:Johnny PurcellNate OliverRyan WilkieZander MitchellJesse CampbellDave WamboltKenny WilliamsonAnd Others! Filmed By:Joel MartellRyan WilkieDave Wambolt Supported By:Vans...

With their identities hidden behind black balaclavas this group of satanic skateboarders destroy this concrete road furniture. Gullwing Pro II trucks are the weapon of choice for the undercarriage of the skateboards from this crew. Barrier Kult members and Gullwing riders Deer Man of Dark Woods, Muskellunge of Dark Island and Depth Leviathan Dweller can be found ritually slashing barriers around Vancouver on them.

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Coty McClung is a skateboarder living in Oklahoma City, OK. After getting his license to teach skateboarding, he decided to open his lessons to students of all ages and levels. Coty, an insured instructor, does both group (up to 5) and private lessons all over the OKC Metro Area.

Continuing his research on post-Soviet Asian towns and cities such as Tashkent, Bishkek, and Abkhazia, Chapter 5 analyzes spots where future and past, ideology and memory, clash. Rolling through memoryscapes such as public squares and monuments, skate videos shift their focus from performativity to the location itself, a narrating journey into the recent past. It seems that skate videos analyzed within this chapter capture the voice of these places, while skateboarding questions the limits of the spots. Alternatively, the author in Chapter 6 shows new frontiers in skate videos, analyzing three case studies: Iran, India, and Palestine. These places are lands for discovering new spots. They are challenging for skaters and filmers in search of untouched landscapes. Finally, an important merit of the monograph is how it concludes.The author wonders where the next China is, the next destination for skate cartography. However, it seems that he already knows the answer: in the final chapter, he writes about how Taiwan turned into an aesthetic destination for skate videos, an attractive destination for "virgin spots" (p. 166), and a landscape for skate consumption.

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The book is an excellent resource presenting remarkable research. It offers a deep and interesting understanding of urban spaces. I find the author's methodology and how he builds his main arguments fascinating. It would be interesting if, in the future, the author continues his research and creates new theoretical discussions. Possible topics for analysis could be gender issues among skaters and exploring landscapes where skate culture proliferates, such as South Korea. On the whole, the book Skateboarding and Urban Landscapes in Asia is a precious and much-needed enrichment of international scholarship on urbanization, mobility, Asia, and skateboarding.

As urban development in Asia has accelerated, cities in the region have become central to skateboarding culture, livelihoods, and consumption. Asia's urban landscapes are desired for their endless supply of 'spots'. Spots are not built for skateboarding; they are accidents of urban planning and commercial activity; glitches in the urban machine. Skateboarders and filmers chase these spots to make skate video, skateboarding's primary cultural artefact. Once captured, skate video circulates rapidly through digital platforms to millions of viewers, enrolling spots from Shenzhen to Ramallah into an alternative cartography of Asia. This book explores this way of desiring and consuming urban Asia, and the implications for relational and comparative hierarchies of urban development.

The set consists of Clive Crocodile, a skateboard, and three traffic cones. Clive Crocodile has green legs, and a black torso. He rides a long red skateboard with yellow wheels, with a 4X2 section of studs on its surface. The three cones are identical, and made of a yellow cone set atop a blue 2X4 plate, with a red flag attached to its top.

So far as we could see, karate, rather than squash, was being mooted as another likely choice, while there was always a chance that a youth oriented event would be selected: skateboarding under the guise of roller skating, perhaps.


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