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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

WWE Raw 2 [Xbox Classic]

hey guys! can someone tell me how to use custom music on wwe raw 2 on classic xbox?I heard you can't to that if you're playing on 360, but I am playing on my classic xbox and I can only select the music that is in the game I can't find custom music option anywhere

WWE Raw 2 [Xbox Classic]

Talk about a face lift, this game has changed into something i have never seen before. I also have been checkin on this game for sometime now, and believe me its going to give smackdown and run for its money. The only reason i got a xbox last year was for wwf raw (which is a terrible game) and shemune 2 (great game). Now I feel better because of raw 2, its using the xbox for its true power, being able to use your own real theme music has been a dream for years for wrestling gamers, now that that dream has come true, and its coming soon so get ready for some ruthless agression. ITS GOING TO BE A HIT!!!!!!! AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE CUZ I SAY SO 041b061a72


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