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Bone Thugs N Harmony Love Of Money Mp3 Downloadl

[Verse 3: Wish Bone]Gotta grind, gotta get mine, in the hood that I claimAnd I slang on that double 9-9Gotta find them dubsGonna get a 40, can a thug get love?What's up? Try to slang on my cornerNigga, you's a goner: Saint Clair niggas don't like thatAnd sellin' them dummies, makin' that moneyCome back, nigga, get pap papFrom the 1st to the 15th niggas smoke plenty weedBut I gotta save, gotta come upPut my rocks on the cutWhen I get high, nigga, blaze that blunt, huhTime to roll to the padCount up my profits and add it to the stashGotta watch my backSee for niggas that's tryin' to rob me, foolBut never no shorts or no lossesDumpin', keepin' these niggas up off meSee, gotta search the whole blockSpend a couple of bills, thugs smoke a lot of weed on the 1st

Bone Thugs N Harmony Love Of Money Mp3 Downloadl

[Verse 4: Layzie Bone + (Krayzie Bone)]Wakin' up, feelin' buzzed, up early mornin'Stretchin', I'm yawnin', lightweight, bentChugga-lugga take a 5th to the domeInstead I kick it with my truesBut it's the 1st, so I'm gettin' me hustle onHop on the phone, callin' up Krayzie BoneWanna know, did your O.G. check come?(Sure, put me down!)I'ma hop on the bus with Biz (Yo, Brother, let's get drunk!)And I'm comin' with blunt after blunt of this skunkNigga T just put me downOh God, how I love when the 1st come aroundNow I'm freakin' me Black n Mild, headed cross town'Cause niggas, the 1st get celebratedRushin' to the block 'cause I wanna get fadedLookin' all wild 'cause I'm gettin' me hair braidedWe heavy off into this gameTrue to the 1st, just call me that pro slangThem nickels and dimes and 20's and 50'sThe 1st be the day for the dopemanSlangin' that cocaine, fool, and I'm workin' late tonightAnd all them fiends be lovin' them thugs'Cause I got them rocks for them pipesCome, come with-a easeI gotta get paid on the 1st, gotta blaze up my spliffGet live with the Bone ThugsPoetic Hustlaz, and the Graveyard Shift, on the 1st


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