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The Story Behind Rosesh Sarabhai's Book "Momma Ka Purse"

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai: Rosesh's Book Published

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai is an Indian sitcom that ran on STAR One from 2004 to 2006 and on Hotstar from 2017 for two seasons. The show revolves around the life of an upper-class Gujarati family, the Sarabhais, who live in a luxury apartment building in South Mumbai. The family consists of Maya and Indravadan Sarabhai, who have three children. Sahil, the eldest, lives with his middle-class wife Monisha. Sonya, the second child, is a psychic, married to a technician Dushyant. Rosesh, the youngest child, is a poet and actor, whose poems are a constant source of comedy for the show.

sarabhai vs sarabhai rosesh book published

Rosesh Sarabhai is a 32-year-old man who lives with his parents and writes poems on various topics. His poems are usually rhyming, nonsensical, and childish. He often recites them in front of his family and friends, who find them annoying and hilarious. He also tries to act in plays and commercials, but fails miserably. He is very close to his mother Maya, who is a snobbish and sophisticated socialite. She constantly praises him and encourages him to pursue his passion. She also tries to find a suitable bride for him, but he rejects them all. He is often teased and tormented by his father Indravadan, who is a retired director of a multinational company. He loves to make fun of him and his poetry, and calls him names like "momma's puppet" and "popat".

In one of the episodes of the show, Rosesh publishes his book of poems with the help of a publisher who is impressed by his mother's connections. The title of his book is "Momma Ka Purse", which means "Momma's Purse". The cover of his book features a picture of him holding a purse with a smile. Maya decides to encourage him by fake praises and organizes a book launch party for him. She invites some famous celebrities and critics to attend the event. However, Indravadan sabotages his book launch by replacing his poems with vulgar ones. He also hires some goons to disrupt the party and create chaos.

Rosesh's book receives negative reviews from the critics and readers, who find it absurd and offensive. They mock him and ridicule him for his poor writing skills and lack of talent. Rosesh feels hurt and humiliated by the harsh feedback. He decides to quit writing and give up on his dreams. However, he soon discovers that his book has become a bestseller by accident. A famous comedian uses his book as a prop in his show and makes jokes about it. The audience finds it so funny that they buy his book as a gag gift for their friends and family. Rosesh becomes famous overnight as a comedy writer.

Rosesh's book has a message that he wants to convey to the world. He says that his book is about love, happiness, and innocence. He says that he writes from his heart and expresses his feelings through his poems. He says that he does not care about the critics and the haters, as long as his mother loves him and supports him. He says that his book is a tribute to his mother, who is his inspiration and motivation. He says that his book is also a way of thanking his father, who challenges him and makes him stronger.

Rosesh's book has an impact on his family and society. His family becomes proud of him and appreciates him for his achievements. His mother becomes more supportive and protective of him. His father becomes more respectful and affectionate towards him. His brother and sister become more friendly and helpful to him. His book also inspires many people to write their own poems and express their creativity. His book also brings laughter and joy to many people who enjoy his humor and wit.

Some of the lessons learned from Rosesh's book are:

  • Follow your passion and pursue your dreams, no matter what others say.

  • Be yourself and be proud of who you are, no matter what others think.

  • Love your family and appreciate their support, no matter what they do.

  • Have a positive attitude and a sense of humor, no matter what happens.

  • Never give up and never lose hope, no matter what challenges you face.


  • What is the name of Rosesh's book?

  • Momma Ka Purse

  • What is the genre of Rosesh's book?

  • Comedy poetry

  • Who is the publisher of Rosesh's book?

  • Rajkumar Publications

  • How many poems are there in Rosesh's book?

  • 50 poems

  • What is the price of Rosesh's book?

  • Rs. 99



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