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[S4E5] House Party

Jessica's dad invites Diego to dinner since Jessica's been spending a lot of time with him. He doesn't want her to go to the Find Your Drink Party, a gathering where you try different drinks and find your preferred drink before heading off to college. Jessica's surprised he even knows there's a party. Then Luke announces the party is called off as Beecher's parents found out.

[S4E5] House Party

At Monet's, the group discusses the recent developments concerning the parents. They seem to know a lot lately. Clay thinks they're being tracked and it's not a coincidence. Jessica adds it's not just within their inner circle but it's why Beecher's party was canceled.

Justin arrives home late, waking Clay up. Clay asks if Justin remembers when they went to see Monty. It is assumed that Clay means the time he had a dream that he and Justin went to see Monty in jail, and believes it was real. Justin tells Clay that they never went to see Monty, unaware that Clay dreamed it. Clay begins to close his eyes as if he's going to sleep, Justin becomes confused at Clay, Clay then jolts his eyes open as if he has just woken up and becomes surprised that Justin is home and realized it's midnight (this seems to be that Clay was still asleep when he talked to Justin the first time and then woke up in the middle of conversation-which would advocate for the mention of Monty in jail-or that Clay dissociated as he came out of dreaming and woke up in the middle of conversation.) Justin doesn't seem to notice that Clay is surprised to see him home and that it is now dark as if he wasn't just talking to him before. Clay asks Justin where he has been and Justin tells him "Nowhere", Clay tells him that they'll find out, Justin asks who he's talking about, Clay tells him he's talking about everyone, Clay tells Justin that the Find Your Drink party is off because they're all being watched and they (their parents) found out about it.

At school, Clay asks Cyrus and his friends to help him find a new location for the party but under a VPN. Meanwhile, Jessica is hanging out with Estela when Winston comes and introduces himself to her. He tells her they're planning a memorial for Monty at the party and that she should come. After he leaves, Jessica warns her to stay away from him. In the hallway, Zach tells Alex he's picking him up at 8 pm for the party. The two joke about the kiss.

At Monet's, Jessica enters the coffee shop with Diego. Justin is working and Jessica approaches him with their order. He's annoyed by her relationship with Diego. When Jessica asks if he's going to the party later Justin says no, as he's trying to stay sober.

At the party, Winston and Jessica play a game of Paranoia. Winston says Jessica's life would be easier if Bryce was still alive and Jessica drinks to that, indicating he's correct. Then Jessica fires back at him that he's not as smart as he thinks. Clay narrates that he's never done drugs but at the party he smokes weed. Justin arrives to the party after all and the two get into an argument about Clay's parents. Justin asks why he lied to them about the drug test and that his parents don't trust him anymore. However, Clay retorts that they never did that's why they drug tested him. Then he says they're not Justin's parents but his.

Back at the party, Charlie finds Alex watching a movie by himself. The two have some weed cookies and snuggle up. When asked how he learned to make them, Charlie said it was when his mother was sick. He learned how to make it to help ease his mother's pain.

Clay approaches Zach by the piano. He apologizes to him about not telling everyone about Winston from the beginning. He finds out Zach can play piano, which surprises him. Zach says he was forced to learn how to play for 7 years. They then sing together. When Zach notices a girl staring at Clay, he gives him advice on what to whisper in her ear to get laid. If he manages, then he'll get to drive his Audi. Later, he tries it out and it works. Once Clay and Valerie finish having sex, they return the party where her boyfriend confronts Clay. The two end up fighting and Clay punches him repeatedly before Zach pulls him off. Then he storms off after telling Diego and Winston "I will end you."

Diego and Winston discuss how they need to get to the bottom of things for Monty. Diego then asks if it's true that Monty beat him. Winston confirms but says it's out of context, they hooked up at the party but he didn't want everyone to know he's gay. He then tells Diego that Monty has to be innocent because they were together the night of Bryce's murder.Later, Justin and Tony meet at his old neighborhood. They catch Tyler giving a package to a driver. Justin recognizes him, he deals guns.

Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet) throw a costume party and plan their costumes to show off Cam's new physique. However, there is a mistake on their costume order: Cam's matador costume comes in Mitch's size and Mitch's bull costume in Cam's size. Cam is worried that no one is going to notice that he lost weight in that costume.

Claire has overdone it in Halloweens past and the neighbors definitely don't share her enthusiasm, so this year she's being forced to tone it down and keep it "family-friendly" and Phil has an idea to hold an open house on Halloween night. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cam host a costume party while contending with Lily wondering who her real mom is, and Gloria's pregnancy hormones are on overdrive, making her even more hotheaded than usual.

While Jay was unable to charm his way out of a ticket, or to get Gloria to not be pregnancy-induced ticked off, Manny actually picked up some street cred with the other students. To clear his mind for a test, he was practicing his Gene Kelly dance moves in the one does...and he accidentally hit the fire alarm. Because of that, all of the students didn't have to take a test and were grateful to him because of it. Although one of his friends told him not to join them at the park later because he had to apologize to the whole school on Monday, Luke said it was a chance to get in with the cool kids. Although he was certainly in better shape than Claire, because now all of the kids were avoiding the house for trick-or-treat. She even tried to go out in her Little Bo Peep costume to pass out "brand name candy" and only ended up snagging a little girl by accident with her staff and made her parents think it was a kidnapping.

At Mitch and Cam's, they were throwing a party, Cam was beside himself because nobody could see he lost weight under the bull costume, resorting to 'flashing' everybody (not in a perverted way) so they could see his body, and Lily suddenly spotted her mommy. Actually, she spotted someone in a princess costume and Mitch had to explain that wasn't her mommy. But later on, Lily told the princess her mommy was one, too, and now Cam wants to know what's going on. Mitchell finally admitted the truth, and Cam brushed it off quickly. Mostly because he's told a few tall tales himself. They decide to tell Lily the truth, that they don't know where her real mommy is. But they convinced her her mommy wanted to put Lily with the most loving family she could, and she did.

Phil wasn't having much more fun trying to run an open house on Halloween. His logic was to pass out candy to the kids and get the bored-out-of-their-mind parents to look at a nice place. That didn't really work, and Claire was just as lonely being shunned by the neighborhood. Suddenly, Claire had an idea. Empty house, Phil by himself, and Claire needing to convince him she can be scary? Well, it turns out it's a lot harder than it looks. Somehow, Claire couldn't scare Phil, but she did leave her Little Bo Beep staff at the door, so now Phil thinks Claire snuck into the house. Phil starts looking around the house for Claire. But then an actual customer comes by, and now Phil is afraid Claire will pop out and scare them. Naturally, Phil goes crazy trying to keep the couple away from Claire. The good news is she still gave him quite a scare after they left.

At the loft, Rufus drops by to see Dan but finds Vanessa there instead. She tells him that things between them are fine now and there are no more secrets. At The Empire, Dan has just finished telling Nate the same thing and he invites him to go with him and Juliet to a mixer at Hamilton House. Dan agrees and asks to go to a movie after, but Nate says that they're planning to consummate their relationship after the party. Meanwhile, at the jail, Juliet goes to see Ben. She tells him that Serena is isolated from Dan and Nate, and Blair will soon be too. Ben reveals he knows she is dating Nate, but she reasons that she is only with him to stay in Serena's close orbit. He reminds her that they planned to ruin Serena's life and leave her with nothing the same way she did to him, and that the next step is removing her from Columbia. At school, Blair and her minions go to the registrar to register but find there's a line. Blair motions to her minions to move and she becomes face to face with Chuck. She demands to know what he's doing there, and he says he's going to audit a few classes before breaking ground on The Bart Bass Memorial Rotunda. He reminds her that he's going to take away what she cares about most as revenge and that will be Columbia. After he's gone, Blair instructs her minions to come back later and sign her and Serena up for the class quietly. Meanwhile, Serena, Vanessa, Dan, and Nate receive a Gossip Girl blast informing everyone that Serena has an STD.

The next day at the Waldorf's, Blair invites Martha over. Blair reveals she knows about Martha's divorce, and that they divorced over his philandering with the nanny. She offers to set her up with one of the lawyers at Cyrus' firm, so long as the assistant position is still available. Martha skeptically agrees. Outside, Serena sees the same man put another woman in a taxi she needs. He admits that he leaves at the same time everyday hoping to see her and she gets in with the other woman. At the VDW's, Dan confides in Rufus that Serena has an STD and Vanessa is freaked over the photo on Gossip Girl. He promises that nothing happened between him and Serena, and Rufus encourages him to show Vanessa that he is over her and that she's the only one he cares about. Meanwhile, at Columbia, Vanessa finds Serena to ask her if she slept with Dan. Before she can ask, Serena is offended by something she says and they stop talking. While walking away, Serena gets a text from her professor that she missed their meeting. At The Empire, Chuck meets with Blair's minion Zoe. She admits she's over doing Blair's dirty work and wants to take her down herself. Chuck warns her not to get ahead of herself and asks for any information on her plans. Zoe hands over Blair's latest scheme. At Hamilton House, Nate tells Juliet that STD test results can take up to three or four days to get. She wonders if there's another way to know for sure, maybe talking to someone Serena would have, and Nate suggests talking to Blair. She leaves and calls Ben, saying that Nate is where she needs him to be. She spots Vanessa and hangs up. Vanessa admits she thinks Dan slept with Serena and needs help getting answers. Juliet reveals she has an idea for both of them to get answers; beginning with Vanessa inviting Dan to the Hamilton House party. 041b061a72


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