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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

Prototype 2 !!INSTALL!!

Auto Fabrica is a company specialising in the hand making and coach building of bespoke motorcycles. With all disciplines under one roof, the Auto Fabrica workshop is setup to design, prototype, manufacture a build from concept to final product.

prototype 2

While many of the details of his work is based on secrecy (his website lists no specifications, no information about his prototypes and no history of the work he's done creating the hoverboards), the self-made inventor has had a few reporters interview him, take pictures of this workshop, hoverboard and have reported on his progress with articles and videos. He uses many types of materials and equipment to create the hoverboard, from computers, to a drill-type press which carves 3-D designs in material and to using a makeshift pair of spring-loaded wire cutters for his flight accelerator.

This is the first prototype of Workday, designed for and by WSU, through significant collaboration and guidance from your peers. Since this is a prototype, the processes and system you see may look slightly different when we start using Workday in July 2020. 041b061a72


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