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Freedom 515 - Oregon

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I would love to get together with others in the Beaverton area for a group mask-less shopping event. I feel like no one is brave enough (including me) to try it solo in this area but there is power in numbers.

Sam Stewart
Sam Stewart
Dec 14, 2021

I’d definitely would do it I never even wear my mask anywhere most the time if they make me wear a mask then I say fine don’t take my money I’ll go somewhere else

American Ruckus
August 21, 2021 · joined the group.


This Saturday from 11-3pm there will be a rally held at River Bend Hospital in Springfield Or.

We will march to Gateway Street and back as well. Bring your energy and your signs!!! Lets stand up for our basic rights. And support our healthcare workers too :)

Hope to see you all there

American Ruckus
American Ruckus
American Ruckus
Aug 21, 2021



Did you see what Rep. Lisa Reynolds tweeted, apparently multiple times (though now deleted)?

Aug 15, 2021

Yes and she’s now claiming that it was a “typo”. I’m sorry, but the last time I personally made a typo, I messed up one little word - not an entire sentence that was hateful and inflammatory(at the very least)



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