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Freedom 515 - Southern California

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This is Erin's email to me:

Hey all!

Hope everything is kicking off okay! Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything throughout the process. I'm doing the best I can but there are definitely things I don't know so keep me in line please.

Please be sure to email and when you have your event set!

Contact local authorities and get in touch with municipalities that you will be gathering in to ensure they don't require a permit or something similar.


Zoom Call:

Friday at 11am MST


Join Zoom Meeting

Emailing People:

Please make sure to BCC folks when you are emailing them.


1) Join the Facebook group (if you have FB) for your state (they all have a flag as the cover photo). Freedom515 and State. We can then add you as admins so you can monitor activity and post your events there as well. Message Jennifer Jen once you join the state group (she is a member of the main page to ensure she assigns you).

2) Please try to capture people's contact information and add them to the spreadsheet from within your state groups. I know this can be tedious so do it if you can but I don't want to overwhelm you. My fear is if we get the boot from Facebook we won't have their information.


We should have flyers out and ready tomorrow. Please shoot us specific information for your event and I will create a flyer, email to: and


Please respond to this email if you need more organizers for your state. We are here to help bring reinforcements! If you aren't gaining traction, message us!!


More updates to come.

- Erin Foley, Founder

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