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Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin

Sonant 1.2.3 |WORK| Download

if you have reported a issue please provide a description of the issue. in an effort to keep this report count down, we suggest you check in to see if your report has already been filed. here is the full list of sonants current issues, you can use these for reference, look at any of them to see if your issue is there or not. sonants full current list of known issues can be found here . if you dont know if you have a report for this issue yet then please check if your in the right forum section. if you report an issue and its been closed or not, then its a good idea to check in to see if a new message has been posted related to your issue so you dont miss future updates. of course, if you find a bug in the process, you are welcome to report that as well.

Sonant 1.2.3 download

if an issue is closed and hasnt been fixed if the issue is already closed or closed without a status update, you should see the reason why it was closed. a note about the closed status should also be included.

note: many issues have multiple close reason codes, or multiple reasons for closure. each one of these has a separate item in the sonants issue tracker. so if youre unsure if your issue is closed, check the tracker.

otherwise, please select a summary that most closely describes your issue from the list. please include as much detail as you can about your issue, such as what you expected to happen and what actually happened. make sure you gave us a valid email address, we need to let you know when weve fixed the problem. if you need help describing your issue, you can edit this page and ask for help.


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