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Axel Cox
Axel Cox

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hello, i am also looking for a place to live and you have some great ideas. i am in the process of redoing my house and remodeling it and would like a place with a backyard or a garden. my budget does not exceed $3000 but i would like to live in a beautiful area and have a lot of land around me where i can go walking and riding my bike. there are so many areas in the denver metro area that are just too expensive. i love living in the highlands ranch area and wish that it was more affordable. i love the neighborhoods, the schools and the areas where i can go to the shops and grocery stores. i would like a neighborhood where i could walk with my dog to a yard and i can enjoy the park. i want to live in a neighborhood where the homes are safe and the families are friendly. i want to be able to walk to a park and enjoy our beautiful area without always having to worry about traffic or being afraid of crime. i love your suggestion about a quiet neighborhood. i have been looking at places that are close to the walking trails, but the homes are just too expensive. i am working in the aurora area and i am looking at living in that neighborhood too, but there are much more expensive homes that i would like to live in.

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since i have been looking for a place to live, i have discovered that i need to get a new cell phone and i was wondering if i may be able to purchase yours at a discounted price to use with the cell phone service that you use. i would love to purchase your cell phone, use it for a couple of weeks, and then switch back to my current provider (t-mobile). i would give you a nice discount, but i would need a little time and maybe a down payment if you could give me a break.


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