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1. "Blockchain technology" means distributed ledger technology that uses a distributed, decentralized, shared and replicated ledger, which may be public or private, permissioned or permissionless, or driven by tokenized crypto economics or tokenless. The data on the ledger is protected with cryptography, is immutable and auditable and provides an uncensored truth.


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The biggest advantage to trading crypto synthetic assets over ordinary equities on exchange apps like Robinhood is simple: synthetics give you unlimited, uncensored, and instant access to any asset imaginable.

You must request an uncensored master and redeliver an asset that does not contain any audio censorship.If you are unable to acquire an uncensored master, please contact your Netflix representative by leaving a comment on the Source Request in Backlot.

One of the methods to uncensoring the game is through a simple recipe done in the T-doll Production menu, These recipes will only work on the TW and EN servers, trying them on the other servers wont yield any results except maybe a T-doll, once you do the recipes, the game will need to sync with the server for a few seconds to minutes (which is not shown visually), afterwards when you close and reopen the game it will begin downloading the uncensored CG assets.

Note: Not all the CG files will be uncensored, some of them are outright rejected CG files which will not be downloaded period and some are hard censored which are unaffected by the uncensor recipes and is censored by default. 041b061a72


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