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Shaggy - Mr. Bombastic (Original) [HD] LINK

When he was going home, Gilby felt really very grateful to the girl. Hehad not the slightest thought of making love to her; he felt toostrongly on the subject of his dignity and his principles for that; butalthough he haggled with Chaplot over the bill, he talked in a bombasticmanner about making Zilda a present.

Shaggy - Mr. Bombastic (Original) [HD]

A young Englishman was travelling alone through this region. He had setout from the village and[Pg 296] was about to cross the lake. A shaggy pony, asmall sleigh, a couple of buffalo-robes and a portmanteau formed hiswhole equipment. The snow was light and dry; the pony trotted, althoughthe road was soft; the young man, wrapped in his fur-lined coat, hadlittle to do in driving.

He answered the animal's cry by seeking the door. Against it the driftwas not deep, for, as it opened on the sheltered side, he had only thesnowfall to scrape away. The door, which had very recently been freedfrom its crust of frost, yielded easily. He found a brown shaggy horsetied within, and beside it a sleigh, such as he had frequently seen, amere platform of wood upon runners. Otherwise the shed was empty.Courthope was quickly struck by the recognition of something which sethis memory working. The old buffalo-skin on the sleigh was such as wascommon, but the way it was stretched upon a heap of sacks made himremember the sleigh that he had yesterday passed upon the river, and thekeen sinister face of the driver, which had ill contrasted with hisapparent sleep and stupidity.[Pg 351] 041b061a72


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