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Axel Cox
Axel Cox

Legends Of Treasure Island Hindi Dubbed Cartoon

Under the lead of Captain Smollett, the crew heads for the island. Jim overhears a gathering of Silver and his crew and finds out that he was Captain Flint's right-hand man and that they plan to betray the rest of the crew for the treasure.

Legends Of Treasure Island Hindi Dubbed Cartoon

The next day, Treasure Island appears in the distance. Jim steals a rowboat and quickly rows there himself, with Silver and some men going after him. While hiding from them, he meets Ben Gunn, a former member of Flint's crew. He reveals that he and the rest of Flint's men were the ones who killed Flint after they decided to betray him for the treasure. Three years later, Ben led the other men on a search for Flint's treasure, but they found nothing and the crew left him marooned on the island. He agrees to help Jim and his friends find the treasure.


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